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|Name: |Date: | Graded Assignment Test Part 2: Thinking and Feeling 1. Write one short-term goal for enhancing your sense of self, and list all of the steps necessary to achieve the goal. The steps to your goal must include how you will deal with the positive and negative influences on your sense of self. (15 points) One goal to enhance my sense in self would to probably be to go to the gym and work out my muscular shape.

The steps would include going to the gym daily and following the trainer's instructions on how to build my muscle. The steps might go as follows: 1. Go to gym every day to increase muscular mass. 2. Every night preform a few exercises and such to maintain muscle mass 3. Eat healthy and lots of protein. 4. Take trainers advice of what else must be done. Some positive influences on my sense of self might be my social environment (Lots of close friends who actually will go to the gym with me so it applies to my goal as well).

My friends also encourage me in whatever I choose to do. I will welcome this encouragement and it will definitely help me reach my goal. A negative influence might be an internal critic saying that I can't reach my goal and that its way too hard and takes too much time. I will try to ignore this idea and focus on succeeding my goal and won't stop until I do. 2. Imagine you are teaching a fifth grader about health. Write a paragraph for the fifth grader that explains why effective communication is related to health.

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Include a definition of "effective communication" in your paragraph. (15 points) Effective communication is being able to talk with someone in a better way, a way that both talkers will understand each other more clearly. Good communication first requires that you know what you are trying to talk to. If you don't know what you are trying to say, it is difficult to communicate an effective message. It also means being able to listen to others, to let them know what you are thinking and feeling, and to say "no" when you need to.

Effective communication is important to health because people understand each other a lot better with effective communication. Most people already think they know how to communicate well, that may be true, but how many times have you felt frustrated that someone didn't really understand what you were trying to say? Or that you didn't "get" what someone was telling you? Or that you agreed to do something you didn't want to do? With effective communication you can learn how to talk and communicate with people better, which is a lot better for your health. 3.

Pick a specific mental or emotional problem. List at least 5 signs or symptoms of that problem. Then list at least 3 actions you would take if a friend showed these signs. Then write down one reliable source of help you would use if your friend needed immediate help. (15 points) Five symptoms of depression are: 1) Deep sadness or emptiness 2) Feeling hopeless, guilty, helpless or worthless 3) Unable to make decisions 4) Weight or appetite changes 5) Wanting to be alone most of the time To help my friend with his problems, first I would suggest a counselor for him to go to.

I would never leave him alone and always comfort him at all times. I would always make it clear for my friend that I am there for him and will help him deal with all his problems. 4. Write down one source of stress in your life. List the 3 steps of self-management, and create a plan to manage that stress in a healthy way. Your plan should have at least 4 stress management techniques. (15 points) One source of stress in my life is the large amount of summer course work I have to do. The three steps of self-management include: Identify the stressor. What's bothering you? This is the most important step. * Change or manage the way you respond to the stressor. * Ask for help from a parent or guardian, a trusted friend, a counselor, or another trusted adult. My plan is to practice the three steps of self-management and then practice the following 4 steps: 1. Set realistic goals and prioritize what has to be done 2. Eat nutritious foods and get enough sleep. 3. Relax by deep breathing 4. Take time to do entertaining stuff (play sports, watch tv)

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