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Management and Organizational Structure Issues

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David Jones’s early involvement with sports helped him a lot in shaping up his management style. In Sports basically the focus is on building a team that can defeat the other team with the help of their talent and skills. A sport is also a lot about passion which improves morale and boosts the enthusiasm. A leader can motivate the players to perform more than they are capable of which helps the team win (Bartkus & Conlon, 2008). As in the article it has been focused that David Jones management style focused on the commitment, enthusiasm and teamwork.

All these are major elements of a successful team in sports. The commitment or interest in the sport of an individual highly helps him develop his or her skills and talents in the same way dedication and the will of doing something heats up the commitment. Enthusiasm on the other hand can be triggered by the leader of the team which means that how mentally strong the team is. Psychological affects can alter the enthusiasm level (Silverstein, 2007). If a person is constantly reminded that he or she is good at something than that person becomes perfect on that trait.

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Management and Organizational Structure Issues

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This is basically how enthusiasm is developed. Teamwork and diversity is basically the building blocks of a team. If the players do not understand each other and are not friendly towards each other than teamwork is hard to achieve. All these concepts are well applicable to the work environment as well. David Jones brought all these concepts from sports to his work environment, transformed them in to his management style, and implied them to achieve success for his company The organizational structure of Electrolux differs significantly from that of Spectrum Brands.

What would David Jones see as a common thread running across different companies that he has been involved with? As David Jones has worked in several companies before changing his current company Rayovac which is now named Spectrum brands according to its diversified product portfolio. The common thing thread running along all the organizations that David Jones worked for was the fact that all were heavily reliant on a strong sales force and marketing techniques. This common thread had a strong support for the management style that David Jones brought along with him with the help of his background in sports.

The fact is that every organization producing consumer goods needs a strong marketing department and sales force. The expertise required in the field of marketing and sales is very important for the sale of the product. It is not neglected that quality of the product is also an important factor but the fact that convincing the consumer to buy a product only emerges when a product is satisfying the consumer’s needs. This relation can only be created by an effective and efficient sales team and marketing people.

An effective team can be built on the building blocks of creating a team in any sports. This common nature of the consumer goods industry helped David Jones in implementing his management style to an effective outcome. Though organizational structures of companies working in the consumer goods industry differ in many ways but the importance of having an expert sales force and an efficient and effective marketing department remains the same across all the organizations (Miles & Snow, 2003). This is the common thread running across the companies that David Jones has worked for.

Spectrum Brands was formerly Rayovac, which produced only batteries. Today, Spectrum Brands produces a diversified product mix. Explain how departmentalization would play an important role to ensure the success of this new corporate strategy. As the number of products produced by a company increases so does its size. This is a normal fact that is known by all. In a company that has a large operational base and product base it is not easy to control the operations and keep a record of the performance of each and every product.

To a run a successful business it is very essential to keep a control over each and every aspect of the business. Respecting this fact it would also be necessary to keep a strong control over the performances of the different products of the company. This would help in identifying the weaknesses of one product and strengths of another and would help in allocating resources accordingly. When this type of a situation arises department wise distribution of operations becomes necessary and beneficial for the company.

We can look at any big organization that is present in the consumer goods industry. They all run on the department wise distribution of the organization. Another important factor in running a business is the focus of your activities. If your focus is clear and simple then success is inevitable. In department wise distribution of operations the level of focus needed to keep each and every product alive and successful is achieved (Nadler & Tushman, 1997).

This clearly highlights the importance of creating departments for the new corporate strategy of Spectrum Brands which has a diversified product mix. Not only it helps simplify operations of the company but also helps in keeping a track of each and every thing in a huge organization. It is a fact that department wise distribution of operations in large organizations have proved to be a success. References: Bartkus V. , Conlon E. (2008) Getting It Right: Notre Dame on Leadership and Judgment in Business Jossey-Bass Brickley J. , Smith C.

, Zimmerman J. , Willett J. (2002) Designing Organizations to Create Value: From Strategy to Structure McGraw-Hill Miles R. , Snow C. (2003) Organizational Strategy, Structure, and Process Stanford Business Books Nadler D. , Tushman M. (1997) Competing by Design: The Power of Organizational Architecture, 2nd edition Oxford University Press, USA Robbins S. P. , Judge T. A. (2008) Organizational Behavior, 13 edition Prentice Hall Silverstein B. (2007) Best Practices: Motivating Employees: Bringing Out the Best in Your People Collins Business

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