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Hide Course Menu Menu Management Options Refresh Display Course Menu in a Window Course Menu: PREP 108: Introduction to College Writing Houses Entry Page Announcements Syllabus and Course Schedule Instructor BIO Unit 1 unit 2 My Grades Tools Course Evaluation Email My Class Student Help Reading Blob #2: Malcolm X and Tan Actions for Content Page Create Blob Entry View Drafts Content Please answer the following questions as thoroughly as possible. While these entries are due Wednesday September 3 before class, you are welcome to take until Friday to complete them. Malcolm X, "Learning to Read" Questions (from 50 Essays): .

How did the process by which Malcolm learned to read differ from the typical way people learn to read? 2. Though Malcolm changed many of his views after the time covered in this portion of his autobiography, the project of recovering African history remained important to him and remains important to many African Americans. How do you react to his claims about African history? Tan, "Mother Tongue" 1 . List the different English Tan describes, defining each. 2. Do you use different languages yourself? Even if English is your sole language, consider how your use of it hanged depending on circumstances and audience.

Write an essay in which you describe the different ways you speak and the meaning of these differences. Friday, September 5, 2014 Malcolm X and Tan Posted by Access the profile card for user: Alexis Gang September 5, 2014 AM KODAK Alexis Gang Proof. Day PREP AWAY 5 September 2014 Alexis Gang at Friday, 1 . Malcolm X learned how to read different from many other people, he learned how to read at the Norfolk Prison. At the prison he would read the dictionary to get a better understand of how to read a book and know the meaning of every word.

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Malcolm was so interested in the dictionary he would spend three to four hours sitting on his cell floor Just for the light to read constantly. Malcolm read during late hours all the time to the point he knew when the guards did a night walk through of each cell hallway. 2. Malcolm Ax's view on African American history was shocking and made me think that some points he made did actually make sense in some parts. One point that was interesting was when he said " If you started with a black man, a white man could be produced; but starting with a Whitman, you never could produce a black man- cause the white gene is recessive" (peg. 77). Malcolm made sense of the views of African American history to the point where reading this autobiography has me thinking that maybe the world did start off with a black man instead of a white man. His views did give me a outlook on the history and makes me want to read more into black history and see if it is true that we started with a black man instead of white man. Tan " Mother Tongue" 1 . Tan describes standard English as a form of English where the grammar is perfect along with the tenses.

Along with standard English she also talked about the way she alas to her family and husband where that is called English of intimacy. The English that made an impact on her was her mothers English where some would call it " limited English" (peg. 419) where their English is unclear or not perfect. 2. English has been my first language. I was born in Fairbanks, Ak where everyone just speaks English and no terms or slang Just regular good ole English of yes ma'am and yes sir. As a child I learned how to talk from my parents, because as babies you repeat words and sounds like a parrot.

I have really never put thought into how my English is use, but thinking of it now my English has changed from being a little kid to and adult now. As a kid the way I talked I would always use anti and consider it a word and would argue if it was a word or not to everyone. Looking back at it anti wasn't a word and I wasn't using standard English my English was limited at the time to where some people could not understand what I was talking about half the time. As time went on my English got better with more knowledge and words I had learned throughout my life in school to where I became great at standard English.

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