Essays on Anne Bradstreet

Essays on Anne Bradstreet

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Anne Bradstreet vs Jonathan Edwards Essays and Term Papers

Anne Bradstreet and Jonathan Edwards Throughout the time, there has always been a debate regarding the hypothetical issue that deals with the existence of god and his role in mankind. Some believe that god has power to manipulate human fate, and consequences of their actions …

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Anne Bradstreet’s Prolougue and Contemplation

Thomas Dudley, took great importance in seeing that she received superior education to that of most women as he would befit It. As such, one can Infer that Anne Broadsheet had some type of grudge to the male dominant society she grew on. Her writing …

Anne BradstreetIronyPoetry
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Anne Bradstreet

Leonard Anger toes: “For the Puritan, of course, every personal trial had its theological significance” (100). However, In dealing with the deaths of her grandchildren, It Is her intense grief and overwhelming sense of loss that compel her to question, and at times challenge, the …

AngerAnne BradstreetFaithGodPoetryReligion
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Analysis of Anne Bradstreet’s Poems

Poems Anne Bradstreet’s poem In Reference to Her Children, 23 June 1659 is a poem telling of her love, care, and worries for her children. In Reference to her Children” is both metaphorical and symbolic, expressing everything from pathos to love and a hope for …

Anne BradstreetPoem
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Analysis of Anne Bradstreet’s Poem to My Dear and Loving Husband

“To My Dear and Loving Husband” is a poem written by Anne Bradstreet in 1678. In her poem, Bradstreet describes her love for her husband and their relationship; using the major themes of romantic poetry: love, emotion, nature, imagination, and social class. She describes her …

Anne Bradstreet
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Anne Bradstreet: The First American Poet and Her Unique Style

Masab Mansoor 10/8/12 English III 5H Ms. Sanchez Anne Bradstreet: Uncustomary and Unique A seventeenth century poetic writer, Anne Bradstreet is a very important figure in American Literature history. Born in 1612 in England, she came to America as part of a fleet of Puritan …

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Anne Bradstreet was the most prominent of early English poets of North America and first writer in England's North American colonies to be published. She is the first Puritan figure in American Literature and notable for her large corpus of poetry, as well as personal writings published posthumously.

March 20, 1612, Northampton, United Kingdom


September 16, 1672, North Andover, MA


Simon Bradstreet (m. 1628–1672)


Samuel Bradstreet, John Bradstreet, Hannah Ann Wiggin, Dudley Bradstreet, Simon Bradstreet


Thomas Dudley, Dorothy Yorke


Samuel Dudley, Joseph Dudley, Mercy Dudley Woodbridge, Paul Dudley, Sarah Dudley Keayne

Frequently asked questions

What style of writing did Anne Bradstreet have?
Anne Bradstreet was a Puritan, and her writing style reflects that. She is direct and to the point, without any frills or superfluous language. Her style is also quite formal, befitting her status as a well-educated woman of her time.
How did Anne Bradstreet contribute to feminism?
Anne Bradstreet was one of the first female poets in America and her work is considered some of the best of early American literature. She wrote about many topics including religion and motherhood, but also wrote about her own personal struggles as a woman. In her poem The Author to Her Book" she famously wrote "I am obnoxious to each carping tongue / Who says my hand a needle better fits, / A poet's pen all scorn I should thus wrong, / For such despite they cast on female wits." This poem is often cited as an early feminist work because it speaks to the struggles of women who were not taken seriously as artists and thinkers. Bradstreet's work helped to pave the way for other female writers and thinkers who were able to break through the barriers that she faced."
Why was Anne Bradstreet different from other writers?
Anne Bradstreet was different from other writers because she was a Puritan. Puritans were a group of people who believed that the Church of England was too corrupt and they wanted to purify" it. They believed in simple living, hard work, and dedication to God. Anne Bradstreet was born into a Puritan family and she was raised to believe these things. When she came to America, she continued to live a Puritan lifestyle. She was a very religious woman and her writing reflected her beliefs."
What is Anne Bradstreet's poetry mainly about?
Anne Bradstreet's poetry reflects her deep religious faith and her love for her family. She often writes about the role of women in society and the challenges they face. Her poetry is also highly personal, and she often writes about her own experiences and emotions.

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