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Why does Shakespeare includes the Porter at the beginning of act 2 Scene 3? how could these lines have affected an Elizabethan audience, and what is the effect on the mood/atmosphere of the play at this time? Shakespeare includes the Porter at the beginning of Act 2 scene 3 as s source of of comic relief. These lines may have seemed very humorous to an Elizabethan audience. And at this time the reader is allowed a small period to reflect on what has happened so far in the play 2.

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The “night has been unruly” (line 61)list examples/ signs of disorder in the natural world Examples of disorder in the natural world would be:- The chimney’s (blown) to produce ‘strange screams of death’- Combustion and confused events – The ‘obscure bird’ clamcred the live long night (birds screeching all night long)- The earth was ‘feverish’ and did shake 3. In this scene Lady Macbeth faints at a very convenient timea) Whats happening in the play at that specific time (Refer to dialogue)In the play, at this specific time, Macduff has just found the king dead, also Macbeth has just returned from killing the guard(s). ) Do you believe Lady Macbeth fainted because she was truly overwhelmed, or does she merely wish to create a diversion? I believe Lady Macbeth fainted just to create a diversion.4. a) What reasons do Malcom and Donalbain give for fleeting Scotland? Donalbain and Malcom fleet Scotland in fear that (because someone has killed their father) they will be next. b) Malcom goes to England ;amp; Donalbain goes to Ireland ACT 2 SCENE 41. ) List 2 of the unnatural occurrences described by the Old man and RossIn Act 2 Scene 4, Two unnatural occurrences described by the then Old man ;amp; Ross were:The fact that it was so dark outside is seemed asthough it was nighttime, when really it was the middle of the day, ;amp; Duncan’s horses, who were always tame, broke-out of their stalls and were attacking eachother b) Why might these strange occurrences be happening at this time? These strange occurrences mights be happening at this time due to the death of Duncan 2.What does Mcduff’s comment that he will travel to Fife (his home) instead of Scane (Macbeth’s orientation) reveal about his character and of his view of Macbeth? The comment that Mcduff, made about returning to Fife instead of Scane, reveals that Mcduff is not totally convinced that Macbeth is innocent. Ifso, it is possible that McDuff dose not want too see Macbeth receiving the crown. It also reveals that he needs time to go home and reflect on what has happened.