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Love and Marriage

Essay: ENG 101 Romantic Love and Marriage Love for the opposite sex has always been a controlling factor for mankind. (Brown 2nd Paragraph) Even so, romantic love is a poor basis for marriage. Many married couples are often asked, “Why did you two finally decide to get married? ” A question that is answered over seventy-five percent of the time with, “Well because we are in love.

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” Of course, love should be a factor considered when making the decision to get married, but considering marriage in the eyes of most individuals is forever romantic love shouldn’t be the only basis for deciding to “tie the knot. There are five myths the revolve around making the decision to marry that many people consider true because of the old fashioned values their parents raised them with. Some of which are the deciding factors for those individuals when they are faced with the choice of getting married or not. Those false truths are as follows: (1) married families are happier; (2) marrying and having children is the “natural” thing to do; (3) “good” families are self-sufficient; (4) every family is a bastion of love and support; and (5) married couples should strive for the “perfect” family (Benokaritis).

These myths are not only common to many Americans, but they are believed to be true as well. These myths, along with romantic love are as I stated earlier a poor basis for something as complex as marriage. There are several factors that should be considered and ever present within the relationship before a marriage should take place. Besides romantic love, commitment should be present before a couple makes the decision to get married.

When you are committed to another person you are dedicated to them, but according to the Urban Dictionary commitment is what transforms a promise into reality. You are realistically making a choice to be responsible if you will, for another individual. Making the decision to stand by your significant other in all aspects of one another’s lives. You commit yourself to help that person aspire to their hopes and fulfill their obligations as well as their responsibilities. Unlike in the dating situation once you are married you are obliged to stay committed to our significant other. You can’t just utter the words, “Its over,” and expect to walk away with all of your responsibilities lifted. So, commitment is an important factor that should be present before a couple chooses to dedicate themselves to one another until “death do us part. ” Trust, according to Webster’s Dictionary is defined as reliance on integrity, strength, ability, and the surety of a person; confidence. As well as the confident expectation of something; hope. I’ve heard may people say, “Without trust a relationship is nothing. A statement that I agree with whole heartedly. In a relationship, especially in a marriage you have to have a level of trust for your partner. You have to know you can rely on that person, be confident within that persons strengths, abilities, and the sureness of their choices and decisions. Along, with having the confidence to expect greater things from your partner because in a marriage two becomes one, which means the actions taken and decisions made by one partner affects both individuals within the relationship. Note: Rough copy of my essay; my entire essay isn’t included but a couple of my main points as well as my thesis are. My bibliography is also included, but I may add more sources depending on the sources I choose for the remaining points of my essay. BIBLIOGRAPHY Benokaritis, Nijole. “Marriages and Families. ” Changes, Choices, and Constraints. Fourth Edition (2009) May, William. “Marriage The Rock On Which The Family Is Built. ” Second Edition (2009-2010)