Local environment in forest park district, Wuhan

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Thesis statement: Barbecues have negative impacts on the environment because barbecues polluted the air and lake and also harmed the ecosystem in the forest park by decreasing the area of habitats and number of species.


The purpose of this research was to find the influence that human had in this area. The methods of this research were to investigate the local environment. The findings of this research were show the quality of the air and water and some living things in this area. The result of this research was to determine that the pollution was caused by human activities. The conclusion of this research was that human should do something to protect the environment.

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The purpose of this report was to find the influence that human had in this area. The five measurable objectives were the quality of air, water, soil, the population in this area and the number of plants or animals. The location is forest park district, Wuhan. The thesis statement of this report is that if want to access the human impact on the area and the area is measured and then the human impact can be determined.


First of all, a map of PengLai Park was drawn and be explained. Then two trees, two bushes and two animals were being classified and searched on the internet. A food web and a food chain were not observed. After that, detailed the plants and animals distribution by using the quadrant method. Firstly, a 10m time’s 10m box was made up by two l0 meters long ropes. And then, the locations of each box which used in this research were recorded. Thirdly, the number of organisms that existed in the box were counted by four people and be recorded. After that, a picture of the location and all the things that appear in the box was been taken. By using the eyes and noses to determine the quality of the local air, water, and soil. The things that have done to the area in terms of pollution were by looking around their behavior.


Sands and clays have been found and the road was made up with cements. The majority plants exist in the park Chinese Sweet Gum and Zelkova Schneiderina. A large amount of plants in this park were planted by human. The majority plants exist in the park were birdsand cats and human being. There was few living animals exist in the pool, nevertheless, there were still some aquatic plants exist in the pool. The food chain and food web was not observed.

The local quality of air, water and soil were not very well because the environment is polluted by human effect such as smoking. Besides, there were lots of garbage throws by the neighbors who live nearby and nobody clean them in time. What is more, the water in the pool was really smells bad so that we can found out the quality of water is poor. Last but not least, some plants show the poor quality of the soil and it was damaged seriously. In a word, the local environment was damaged and polluted.

According the data from these two tables, they show that the average amount of the plants b is 5, and the average amount of the animals is 1. On the other hand, the total area of the park is about 27602 meter squares. The total number of plants was 138010 and there were 27602 animals existed. These information shows that there is a few plants and animals exist in this area because of the pollution. Moreover, the number of plants and animals is not changeable.

According to the pollution caused by human being, it is easy to determine that human lead to some severe consequences. For example, the garbage all around the park and nobody clean them, the poor quality of air and water. However, people who live nearby did something to protect this area and to improve the poor environment. Though there are lots of drawbacks, but humans are still try to something for this area so that can make the quality of their life become better. Since different living things have its own habitats and habits so that they live in the different area. By using the quadrant method, it shows some area have more living things than others.


The information of the finding part shows the several following things. First of all, the environment is not very well; the quality of water and air is poor, the soil shows the bad consequence of the environment in this area. On the other hand, it shows how human's impact on the park’s environment, such as throwing garbage anywhere, but also human did some good things to protect the environment. The finding supports the idea of what average people thought. The park is polluted, and it causes the decreasing of the plants and animals. The garbage which was thrown by neighbors who lived nearby also worsens the pollution. Furthermore, some planting areas were destroyed by human as well.

The information which given by methodology is very valuable for this research. For example, the Quadrant Method helps to found out the total number of the living plants and animals and it offers a huge convenience. Besides, the observation done by the groups showed how human impact on the local environment. The sense of sight and smell also help to determine the quality of air. The Secchi Disk is not used in this research because the water in the pool was not deep enough.


The information in the findings can prove the thesis statement and the data was used to analysis the human impact on the local environment. As an artificial park, most of the stuff in there was built by human being. It was a place with high rate of human activities so that there were so much pollution and damage. The high rate of human activities is also the reason there lots of garbage in the park. The information about the park can also be used to help protect the environment of the park. As a citizen of Wuhan, human should try the best to protect the environment and the government should think some solutions such as let some volunteers to clean the park in time and so on. In brief, no matter how poor the environment is, humans should take good care of it.

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