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When my family’s only television set went to the repair shop the other day, my parents, my sister, and I thought we would have a terrible week. How could we get though the long evenings in such a quiet house? What would it be like without all the shows to keep us company? We soon realized, though, that living without television for a while was a stroke of good fortune. It became easy for each of us to enjoy some activities alone, to complete some postponed chores, and to spend rewarding time with each other and friends.

First of all, with no television to compete for our time, we found plenty of hours for personal interests. We all read more that week than we had read during the six months before. We read a lot of books such as Obama’s biography, “Dreams from my father” by Barack Obama, “Heaven is for real” by Tomas Nelson, and “Unbroken” by Laura Hillenbrand. Before we lived without television, we watched some dramas instead of novels and we watched cartoons such as family guy instead of cultural books. Through we read books we could have discussions about books that we had read.

We each also enjoyed some hobbies we had ignored for ages. We started to go hiking every weekend which was my mother’s hobby. In addition, my sister and I both stopped procrastinating with our homework. When we were doing homework, we need a lot of time to finish it because of Television shows’ sounds. But we realized that we could do homework a lot faster than when we were with television. Second, we did chores that had been hanging over our heads for too long. There were many jobs around the house that had needed attention for some time.

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We painted near the windows and we repaired a doorknob that didn’t work for a long time. We also had a chance to do some long-postponed shopping. Go shopping with family was one of my sister’s wishes. She was so happy and entire family members wear a smile. Our family became more active than we had a television set. And each of us also caught up with e-mail and did paper work that was long overdue. After that, we started to realize that television had killed our time so much. Finally, and probably most important, we spent time with each other.

Instead of just being in the same room together while we stared at a screen, we actually talked for many pleasant hours. I had never thought about what my family members’ worries. Through we were talking each other, we could share our troubles. Moreover, for the first time in years, my family played some games together. We played Monopoly, which was my favorite game, and Texas holdem poker, which was my father’s favorite game. And because we didn’t have to worry about missing this or that show, we had some family friends over on a couple of evenings and spent an enjoyable time with them.

We realize that our family is the best friend. Once our television returned, we were not prepared to put it in the attic. But we had a sense of how it can take over our lives if we are not careful. We are now more selective. We turn on the set for our favorite shows, certain sports events, and the news, but we don’t leave it running all evening. As a result, we find we can enjoy television and still have time left over for other activities and interests.

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