Legalizing or not legalizing abortion creates

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Whether to legalize or not to legalize abortion remains one of the most debatable issues in the world. There have been many arguments for and against abortion which have taken religious, political and moral perspectives.

Every side of both proponents and opponents come up with very substantive claims that clearly support their arguments.  Some countries have gone to an extent of entrenching abortion legally in their constitution which has raised resistance from the conservatives.

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They claim that the constitutional laws legalizing abortion and  penalizing murder are contradicting when they impose death penalty on individuals who are  convicted of murder but at the same time it legalize abortion which is taking the life of unborn and therefore amounts to murder.

Legalizing or not legalizing abortion creates no difference since it is practiced all over the world in countries which have legalized or not legalized it.  My thesis is that abortion should be legalized since illegalizing does not deter people from aborting and instead it encourages backstreet abortion which comes with increased risk.

What is abortion?

Abortion is the premature expulsion of a human fetus, whether it occurs naturally like in case of a miscarriage or artificially induced or carried out with the consent of the pregnant women through the use of surgical or chemical equipments or any other method used.

It may be carried out for medical reasons which in most case are acceptable evening countries where it is not legalized. This is usually done in order to save the life of the mother and has a moral backing in case the mother has other children to look after. However the main controversial issue of abortion regards cases which account for 93% of the abortions that are carried out based on no medical reason but mainly for elective purpose.

 Why abortion should be legalized

 There are many reasons which have been argued to support or to oppose abortion. Abortion can be considered  legalized when carried out in context of cases like where a woman been raped or had undergone another ordeal like incest that is likely to affect their life because bearing such a child may most likely rekindle the painful memories of the ordeal.

Social nod economical changes have brought about many homeless people and street children and families. In this context, abortion should be legalized for those women who feel that they has not well off economical to support their children since they will end up leaving them to wander on the street increasing the number of homeless families and children.

Illegalizing abortion does not deter it any way since even in countries which have illegalized abortion there are very high cases of backstreet abortion. In order to grasp the concept why abortion should be legalized, we are going to argue the facts which we have listed. Though few, and complete discussion on the three points will support our thesis that abortion should be legalized since illegalizing does not deter people from aborting and instead it encourages backstreet abortion which comes with increased risk.

The first reasons why abortion should be legalized is that it is necessary in cases where a woman might have conceived after a rape or after a painful ordeal like incest, and other painful sex related ordeals. There is high likelihood that such ordeals may haunt the victim for the rest of their life not mentioning the trauma. It has been shown that one out of every six case of rape or incest usually results to conceptions which are unwanted and unplanned.

  There are more dangers which are associated with rape in addition to conception. There is a high likelihood of the women contracting venereal disease like syphilis which may result to impaired infant as venereal diseases may affect fetal formation.

Research has also shown that women bearing such children are more to suffer repeated trauma when they see that child since they remember the ordeal they went through. The effect of rape on abortion reveals that more than 50% of pregnancies resulting from rape, incest or any other sex ordeal are usually aborted whether the country legalized or illegalized abortion (Johnson, 2008).

Tehre are issue regarding the re-victimization of women in countries where abortion is illegalized and therefore they tend to seek abortion from backstreet clinics. Most will not report rape or pregnancy fearing stigma.  They end up seeking crude methods of abortion risking their health and thousand lose their life all over the world.  Legalization of abortion is therefore important in order to save women from such ordeals.

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