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Elon Musk Is a Person Who Creates the Future

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I’m very interested in Artificial Intelligence and have chosen to write about a company called Neuralink that is trying to do incredible things to advance this field. Neuralink is founded by a group of people including Elon Musk. It’s easy to see how this relates to the field of computer science, as it has the ambitious goal of expanding human intelligence by merging human intelligence and artificial intelligence. Elon Musk is a very out spoken critic of artificial intelligence and is very concerned with the implications that it will have so I’m excited to see that he’s working on a project in the space. They are developing a product called “Neural Lace” that is implanted below the cerebral cortex and uses the blood stream to travel throughout the brain and eventually merges with the brain to create a symbiotic relationship between your natural brain and technology. Their goal is to allow humans to interact seamlessly with computers and other electronics.

There are many people that question the possibility of this, especially when it comes to Musk’s ambitious timeline (Something he’s done in many ventures, and often falls short on). This topic interests me for multiple reasons. First, there’s a huge debate within the artificial intelligence community as to what to expect when artificial intelligence is going to be a reality. I’m fascinated by the implications that this will have to our species. By having direct access to computing power in our mind, it will drastically improve both the brain capacity and memory of our species.

This kind of technology could allow us to be able to download skillsets and expertise directly into our brain rather than being limited by the capacity at which humans are able to learn and retain knowledge and would allow for drastic improvements in our ability to solve complex problems. It’s an incredibly complex problem and will take a lot of expertise and innovation to turn into a reality. It’s suitable that one of the main people working on this is Elon Musk, seeing as he has an extensive history of creating ventures that are intended top tackle the world’s most complex problems.

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