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Learning V/S Cramming

Learning and cramming are two words which definitely need no introduction.But, for the sake of this session, I’ll take up the task of explicating these terms.Someone has very rightly quoted; learning is like rowing upstream, it steers us through all difficulties, but cramming leaves us nowhere.

Learning means to commit to memory any given text.

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This process of memorizing surely pays rich dividends to students. Cramming is the practice of working intensively to absorb large amounts of informational material in short amount of time.Cramming is strongly discouraged by educators because the hurried coverage of material tends to result in poor long-term retention of material. It is just a tantrum thrown by students, who are not interested in studies, just to show that they study and have understood the concept of their chapters. Learning is advantageous as one can only learn that text which he has understood and goes into his long-term memory, enabling him to use it anywhere, anytime, any situation. But, cramming is a pure rattafication, which is similar to rote learning, a technique which focuses on memorization instead of understanding a subject.

By definition, cramming eschews comprehension, so it is an ineffective tool in mastering any complex subject at an advanced level. Cramming is frequently used to prepare quickly for exams. Cramming is sometimes disparaged with derogative words such as parrot fashion, and mugging because one who engages in cramming may give the wrong impression of having understood what they have written or said. The pressure to excel academically has led to cramming behavior among students as young as five years old.

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