Learning Team Skills Assessment Paper and Matrix

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Learning Team Skills Assessment Paper and Matrix Team A is made up of skilled individuals. The team is researching business ideas for a consulting firm. The team’s plan is to review the members’ strengths and weaknesses and evaluate what type of consulting firm would best suited for the qualities of the team members. In addition, Team A will review the opportunities and qualifications the team believes are required to strengthen the management team and company.

Team A believes the general management skills and the strengths of the partners will provide the team with advantage and opportunities to convince potential customers that the team has the necessary skills to be successful. Team Skills Summary/Analysis The pool of individuals who will develop this organization is comprised of dynamic talent and energy. Every corporate officer has obtained a college degree in business administration demonstrating discipline and motivation. Within experiential categories, which are characterized by skills and strengths, the team brings together qualities that complement and build on those of other members.

The skills are comprised of management level proficiency within accounting, employee development, human resources, business law, computers and information processing, marketing, and E-business. Strengths are centered on personal relations within human resources and organizational competence. These skills and strengths will combine well to develop a consulting firm that will uphold our team commitment to our client providing the best-qualified candidates to meet and exceed their requirements and expectations. Consulting Firm Options for Team A Medical Staff / Personnel Consulting

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Two of Team A’s members have work experience in the medical field which would benefit a Team decision to pursue a firm to provide consultation for medical staff or personnel. Kellie Wolinski currently works for the United Health Group as a Territory Developer. Kellie’s job function involves educating providers, facilities, and senior groups about Medicare Plan Options that will provide the consulting background for our medical staffing and personnel-consulting firm. Mary Ann Senatore is currently employed at JFK Medical Center as Resource Coordinator of Cardiovascular Services, allowing er to assume the administrative role for payroll, purchasing, and human resource functions. Performing the function of medical staff or personnel consultation would require identifying and recruiting candidates for employment. Team A could use knowledge of industry needs to help fill essential positions in the medical field. The consulting company would develop a database of professionals able to fill clients’ needs. Team A would provide background checks, accreditation checks, and confirm any specialized training or certification prior placing professionals in the database.

Professionals in the system would be encouraged to pursue advanced training in specialized fields to meet the demand of the firm’s clients. Team A would provide the professionals with resume services, coaching through the interview process, salary negotiations, and provide relocation assistance services. Internet Advertising/Marketing Consulting Tracy Schneider has experience working with Internet marketing through work experience with her own business. Team A could use Tracy’s experience and educational background of the team’s members to start an Internet marketing consultation firm.

The goals of the firm would be to help clients attract, retain, and convert Internet traffic into viable business leads. The firm would provide Internet public relations, brand management, and product reputation management. Jessica Mazakas marketing skills will be an asset in obtaining and retaining clients. The firm would work with clients to identify individual target markets and establish business goals by combining off line and online business activities. Proper branding and brand recognition services retain consumers through brand loyalty initiatives. Broadcasting Technology Consulting

Team A is also considering consultation services in the field of broadcast technology and online training programs for broadcasting professionals. Team A’s members could apply experience from the online training environment at the University of Phoenix to the online training needs of this sector. Ryan Bierbaum’s experience in gaming networks may be beneficial to the inner workings required for broadcasting technology. The firm could also provide consultation and project management for system integrations and technology system upgrades by collaborating with product suppliers.

One other area of interest is the design of content specific software design technologies. Plans to Develop Skills As indicated, Team A has a diverse mixture of skills. Each team member has identified his or her own strengths, skills, and weaknesses. Through our combined strengths, we will be able to provide our clients with the services they require. Our weaknesses will allow those team members to benefit, learn, and grow through other member’s strengths. This complement of skills allows us able to move forward with our consulting firm.

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