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Learning Strategies Critical Analysis

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1. Learning Strategies for SSC100 SSC100 is not only a common course, but also sets the tone for the whole four-semester study life in Seneca. Therefore, we should pay more attention to this course. My GPA to date is 3. 0 and my target GPA is 3. 5. In order to acheive the target, there are several strategies I should follow . First, take the classes regularly. Some other students may think that it’s not necessary to attend the classes , without which they can still pass this course.

However, the powerpoints and the videos the instructors display in the classes are not only interesting but also helpful. Second, read through the textbook: Success Strategies for College. This book introduces diffrernt kinds of learning strategies in details, which are very useful in SSC100 itself, especially in the reflective test, and other courses throughout Seneca. Third, invovle in the group work. To tell the truth, I am not a good team worker, which is neither good for the current college study nor good for the future work.

Therefore, I should attach more importance to this part. Communication is a key factor in the group work. I will try my best to listen to others and give my own opinion as much as possible. Last, practice presentation. As for the group work, presentation is one of the most important parts. Practices can sooth the nerves and make the process more smooth in the real presentation. There are two ways to practice the presentation: first, gather the group mates to simulate; second, take part in the presentation workshops in the learning center.

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Learning Strategies Critical Analysis

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