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Organizational behavior is a current growing field. The field is highly influential in business world. Organizational is becoming more important in the global economy as people with diverse backgrounds and cultural values have to work together effectively and efficiently. Organizational theory is a fundamental system in an organizational framework, whereby its complex dynamic goals oriented processes where it considers a general wider for aiming to model and design human organizations. In an organization motivation is the first key word that managers emphasis to their employee, there are many motivation theory in an organization, such as attribution theory, equity theory, incentive theory and emotional labor in organizations.

The historical of organizational theory in an organizational, management has to have a perspective approach of its client so that its development in the field of targeting its goals can be reached. Managers in an organization as the task to make sure the entity of the organization is being recognized in terms of the products, social structure, technology, culture and physical structures and to make sure the product has power to attract and maintain the stability of the organization in terms of competition of other and in modern day to day life.

Organizational theories also gives a better basic skills, to improve the attitude of the employees so that they can work and increase their willingness in learning new things on the job they do. Employees find that they perform better because their improve morale and self-esteem make them more willing and able to respond to challenges confronting them on the job. They also see the value of investing time and energy in continuous working as a matter of understanding and appreciation of their role within the organization, this is because of the theories of organization that enhance the commitment and willing of employees self faith in their work.

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In terms of management relation between its employees, not only have change among co-workers, it also have an increase sense of team spirit camaraderie. If the management increases its willingness so that they will come to a win solution, the management has to respect the employee’s needs, which have lead to the increasing sense of understanding and appreciation among the employees and the management.

Organizational behavior has three major disciplines that has to be describe and taken serious, because it contribute a lot to the succession of any running organization, this disciplines are sociology, psychology and anthropology. This disciplines are important in organization because they future the cultural behavior of an organization, the cultural of an organization includes custom, rules, practices, beliefs, values, assumptions, norms, arts and skills, these gives an existence of and organization, how the organization works and how the work should be done.

These cultures also relate the performance of all employees and give relation to others in the organization and to those outside. Organization does not work without power; it works with power of leaders so that the organization should have direction of working and fulfill the goals that are support to be implemented and to target the succession of the organizational goals. The organization communication exists despite the fact that the value of junior employees are given less opportunity to express their views and grievance, so that the power of the senior employees may not affect the growth of an organization.

As diversity in an organization grows, so does complexity of communication and the necessity to spend greater effort developing improved communication skills. Making the most diversity in employee’s coalition requires the commitment of all involved such as managers, leaders and chairman to interact with all management board so as to face the challenges of communication. This has to established and implement by the management so that managers has to learn to listen and invite others to be apart of the discussion.

The management has categorically to give way of understanding so that their will be no misjudge of various people because of the ability of performance of work. The manger has to learn to communicate clearly and fairly. This all has to be adopted in an organization so that to give communication style to fit the situation. Both the managers and employees are the makers of the successful organization to be the best one to work in the world. The efforts of the employees should be encourage and be praise by the managers, that to give smooth ground of communication.

Many leaders in organization fail to realize that their attitude and behaviors are having a negative influence on the organization and the employees, which makes employee not to have healthy and good environment of working place, this makes the employee abuse the organization in terms of leadership values and ethics. Leaders bullying employees in workplace, this literally kills the employee’s motives and hard work he/she sacrifices in the organization. The working condition of organization such as mobbing, sweeping and collecting garbage it leads to employees abuse and also the payment condition, overtime, and leave this all encourages the employees not to perform well, thus diversity of communication emerges and later poor performance of an organization.

The secret of leaders values and their ethic behavior should be visible in leaders daily in today’s world because the action you have to do makes you be the leader. Leader should have such values like ambition, dedication, respect, accuracy, improvement, enjoyment/fun and loyalty, this values help a leader to have good communication skills and flow of harmony to its employees. As a leader, ethics and value should define the character, this help a leader to lead and influence to others and make other people feel important and appreciatable. (Miller, 2005).


  1. Miller, K. (2005). Organizational communication: Approaches and Processes. Thomson Wadswarth.


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