What Determines Are Destiny

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It can be difficult to understand and realize what determines our destiny. There are Contradiction determining if our characteristics and behavior are primarily due to Genetics or the environment in which we live. Many factors and aspects of Lives influence us daily. These factors create different circumstances that lead us to determined our path. Dr. Judith Rich Harris states in the video that the similarity of children to their parents in personality, is entirely genetic”.

In the video Dr. Stanley Greenp said that if parents feel they have no influence and everything is genetically determined, then they may not do what they need to do to help the babies be flexible, healthy and good capers. The video states that we are born with a set of genes that never change. When we are conceived, two sets of genes are joined into one. From that moment, DNA determines certain characteristics. We can now readily accept that genes determine our eye color, height, blood type, gender and other biological factors. But science has only begun to explore the role that genes play in human behavior.

Some People believe that the power of genes, determines all consequence in our lives. But other people say that genes do not determine everything in a person life. There have been countless studies to find out if our destiny is written in our genes or determined by circumstance. Dr William R. Clark thinks that “Gene may well, determine how we behave in given situations. This way, the behavior can be caused from the Genes, and not by habits or education. Some features and of a person will never change, and other can be easily changed.

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The male speaker states that one of UCLA immunologist Dr. William Clark says, that genes help to control how we interpret our environment. In many cases genes can be very useful and there can be a lot of similarities in gestures, talking etc. In many cases this similarities are done by children without knowing that their parents do these things the same way. It is the opinion of Dr. William R. Clark, “You’re dealt a particular hand of neurotransmitters and neurotransmitters receptors and again together, with other things of course in your biology and in your history, it’s to play out differently in different people.

As fact, everything is very ndividual. There are children that are not similar to their parents and very different in character and features. Let consider what Dr. Steven Pinker said , “There has to be some kind of innate circuitry in place that allows us to create culture and acquire culture and do the learning. It was suggested that they do not operate without some input. Dr William R. Clark thinks that what you choose to learn, how hard you try to learn, and what you do with what you learn, you do some input. The ability to modify our behavior is what allows us to overcome genetic predisposition.

In opinion of Dr. David Moore, different genes are turned on and off in different circumstances. Personally I agree with that and I think that sometimes people act not by the rules made up by society, but by the genetic rules. They do this unconsciously. Speaker also states that “those circumstances thought maybe very subtle. Consider identical twins born with the same DNA; though raised alike, Nancy and Jenna are quick to point out they are individuals. Jenna says that Nancy was always very pretty spirited, and that she was a little bit more responsible. For each person their individuality is very important.

It means being different from each others, doing something special and something that will surprise others. All individual have different interested, characteristics, and skills. People use creativity, through knowledge and new ideas, and implement them in their daily lives. Many people appreciate changes, as they bring a lot of new things. New things always have the upper hand, always attracting people and keeping them motivated. According to Dr. Stanley Greenp, “Proper upbringing will depend on lots of nurturing interactions in your all years of life. ” Dr Steven Pinker thanks that “Parents aren’t the only aspects of the environment?

There is also the surrounding culture. As a fact, some people believe that in reality, the strongest social influences exist outside the home. Dr. Judith Rich Harris presumes that “Children live in separate worlds and each world is very important, but there is very little carry over from one world to the other. And what is carried over is whatever is genetic. As stated by Dr. Judith Rich Harris, “we get our genes from our parents but are guided by our peer. Nature vs. nurture purists believe that we are either molded entirely by our surroundings or our genetic makeup.

Personally I think that upbringing is extremely important, and it determines the future character of a person. The children of immigrants do not resemble their parents in the language they’re speaking even in their culture. They resemble the people they grew up with. In a recent study, all that Dr. Judith Rich Harris said was back-up. The greatest influence was found on weather teen drink or smoke, has to do if weather their friends do. External influence can make a great different, as everything depends on the company and friends, who surround the particular person.

Dr Judith Rich Harris thinks that “as long as you are within the normal range of parenting, how your child turns out is not up to you is up to the child. All in all, children and their perception of the situations and the world as a whole determine their habits, their communications skills and abilities. The whole future depends on what child experiences, who he communicates with who these people are. As was stated by child psychiatrist Dr Stanley Greenp, this attitude can create irresponsible parenting. We encourage parents to be either passive or hopeless or helpless in the phase of certain challenges that they were assumed are genetic.

Consequently, the genes and environment are like a dance, working together to make as who we are. Dr Stanley Greenp thinks that maybe the environment sets the constraints, just as much of genes do . Dr David S. Moore stated that “if you throw Einstein in a closet, when he’s a baby because he had some insane parent, he would not grow up to be smart, He would wind up like one of those tragic kids who get’s found in a closet. “ To sum it up, it can be stated, that whether it’s parents, peers or genetic predisposition, it seems our destiny our destiny is determined by a blend of factors.

Dr. Greenp is convinced, that “nature is a lock and nurture has provided the key for that lock. ” In the present, scientist continue to study the nature of our DNA and how it reacts to environment as they think they will gain better understanding of the diseases and behaviors that affect our lives. All in all, it is almost impossible to determine our destiny, as the influence on the person’s life is unpredictable and there are many possibilities to change everything and to make a choice. I think both sides of the issue are correct to varying degrees depending on the issue.

Obviously we are not able to change our height, shoe size, or natural hair color, but if we are plagued with a trait that is not considered “normal” that we want to change and do so, by all means we should. I think that upbringing and behavior, and our belief determine our destiny. It comes down to what is in our entire character makeup, and our ability to overcome the negative influences of our environment and take steps to modify the glitches in our personalities. It can be said for sure, that education plays the most important part in a person’s life and it determines the future and success of a person.

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