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Leadership Derailment

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Good leadership is undoubtedly challenging but it is inevitable in any organization, which is conscious of achieving its goals. However, many leaders derail and leave the path of credibility resulting to demotion, loss of the position or failure to advance. A leader would derail as a result of behaviors that can lead to leadership failure. In this essay, I give an explanation of divisional manager of a certain motor vehicle workshop who derailed and as a result, he was demoted

Thomas was the divisional manager of the automotive workshop which was the service center of the automotive company I used to work for. As a management trainee in this workshop, I had an opportunity to deal directly with him and therefore I came to understand pretty well that he had some unethical conducts which later amounted to his demotion.

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Leadership Derailment

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Mr. Thomas had the tendency of intimidating and threatening his juniors.  He was arrogant and failed to appreciate the importance of team work. As the workshop manager, he was expected to be technically competed and it was his responsibility to approve all the vehicles, which were coming and leaving the workshop and to give any technical support were necessary.

One day, a car was brought for normal engine overhaul and the technician who was assigned that car was a new employee and had not yet acquired enough experience to deal with that problem. The technician went to Mr. Thomas’s office to seek pieces of technical advice but Mr. Thomas was not responsible enough to help. Instead he abused the technician and threatened to fire him. The technician went back and decided to proceed with the work. Unfortunately, he made a mistake which amounted to the destruction of some parts of the engine. This was a serious offence for Mr. Thomas and he was demoted to a supervisor level by the top management as a punishment to his irresponsibility.

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