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Abstract Leadership is an approach taken to guide a significant large group to follow the desired objective of the leader. This paper will explain a leadership approach that has an effect within the organizations today. In addition, explain the strengths and weaknesses of the trait leadership approach. Leadership Approach Dealing with a competitive and diverse global market in today’s society requires a robust Leader. An organization’s success depends on the strength of its leader. The writer will explain trait approach, one of the major approaches to studying leadership.

Trait Leadership Approach Leadership comes natural to some people, as if they were born to be leaders. According to Yukl (2010), early leadership theories attributed managerial success to extraordinary abilities such as tiredness energy, penetrating intuition, uncanny foresight, and persuasive powers. This research failed due to futile research. Since then leadership values effectively been identified and trait approach examines leader values that are relevant for explaining ethical leadership.

Strengths and Weakness The main strength of the trait approach is that it relies only on attributes that can be identified and with proper research dictate a leader’s effectiveness. This trait approach examines values of a leader relevant for explaining ethical leadership. The main weakness of the trait approach is to assume that one’s attributes simply determine their strength in leadership. One may have the identifiers of a true leader and fail to have the intelligence or character to implement success.

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The trait approach requires extensive research measuring the correlation between individual leadership attributes and the criteria of a successful leader. Example of Trait Approach An example of trait approach would be an organization hiring for a specific job position and during the interview choosing attributes that identify this particular person as a leader. Conclusion To conclude, a successful leader has great astuteness and knowledge in what approach needed to guide a populace in achievement of the leaders objective.

Effective leadership requires understanding of influence process and power. A successful leader ethically influences others to achieve the common goals of an organization. Throughout the times of history leadership has been defines in many ways with several approached. However, the common denominator of an effective leader is success. References Yukl, G. (2010). Leadership in organizations. (7th Ed. ) Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Pearson Education

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