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LDR 300 Week Two My Leadership Style

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My Leadership Style is Relational Leadership. I’ve adapted this leadership style because it deals with the healthcare industry very strongly and these skills fit me. This leadership skill includes the ability to create interconnections between caregivers and among multiple armed services. In the past when I served in the military my leadership style use to me Authoritative, after years of being this type of leader I realized that it actually made me a mean person over the years and I decided to become a Relational Leader because I do care about the well-being of my workers and the care of the patients. I work at Naval Medical Center, San Diego as a Management Assistant and my department is truly focused on ensuring that all departments receive the correct funding in order to make sure our patients get the best medical care available.

I’m a firm believer in being able to work as a team and build great relationships with staff. When you keep your staff abreast at all times it makes them feel like part of a team and it also motivates them to want to go over and beyond the scope of their job. Relational Leadership is effective because it motivates and builds team work it works very effective for me because it involves people and there diverse points of view. It also keeps me fair and ethical by trying to ensure that all my team members are making a difference in the work place as well as respecting everyone’s opinions. By utilizing Relational Leadership I’m empowering others to get involved and stay involved, it also promotes self-leadership as well as learning at an individual and team level. I’m a great listener, focused on the well-being of others and always willing to keep an open door policy in order to be able to discuss any issues that may be brewing and need immediate action to resolve. Sometimes being a Relational Leader isn’t always good because you may not be taken serious at times because you’re always trying to be a people person. Also read about Aung San Suu Kyi leadership style

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If you don’t have a range of interpersonal skills and approaches as well as knowing when to use what with who, the outcome may not be too good. Although there are many leadership styles, many people have researched and discovered that managers often use these skills and could be used at very different times that depend on the issue that they are handling. I look up to the many successful Leaders that I have had the opportunity of working with and I’ve incorporated a piece of leadership from all my mentors, mangers and leaders in order to create my own style of leadership that I feel is working for me today.

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