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Leadership Vs Management Essay

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This article will then close focusing on the common measures for success of a leader. "It's not enough for people to have leadership potential; they must have character and the right setting in which to grow. " (Smith, 2003) Nelson Mandela the leader Born In Moved a small South African village he Is one of the great political and morale leaders of all time. Nelson Mandela first became involved in politics as a student at Fort Hare University College. There he was involved in student politics and expelled In 1940 for participating In a student protest.

A hero that dedicated a lifelong fight against racial oppression in South Africa that eventually enabled him to win the Nobel Peace Prize. From his dedication he also won the position of President of his country with this It was announced that on his birthday of eighteenth of July will be further known as Mandela Day(Lesser, 2012). Even while imprisoned for almost a quarter-century he still managed to be the center of most inspiring and compelling political drama there-Len assisting the post-apartheid of South Africa. Nelson Mandela the manager

In the beginning of his political activity Nelson Mandela began working with the National Party supporting the apartheid policy of racial segregation winning the elections. There after he began campaigning against violent methods used by certain policies. This he was inspired to act upon because of Mahatmas Gandhi(Lesser, 2012). While managing all these campaigns, Mandela realized that attempting to accomplish this mission nonviolently would not work. He then chose the route of guerrilla warfare to achieve his goals. It is because of this the United States labeled IM a terrorist refusing him entry.

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Different leadership roles and functions In 1960 Mandela led the campaign launching an underground struggle between the African National Congress and the Pan Africans Congress emerging as the toy 2 President in 1994, Mandela took on the role as mediator attempting the uniting of the country fragmented public service who at the time had a skewed mandate in favor of the white population and the country racial groupings. In 1999 Mandela turned over his office to Taboo Embed, he played a key role as the middleman in the Congo ND Burundi Democratic Republic crisis-hit areas.

Globally campaigning for peace Mandela was prodigious focusing on energies, fighting against Widths, and empowering disadvantaged children. Obstacles encountered as a leader Mandela is known for standing strong against large world powers - especially when defending Africa. His embracing was unrestrained when dealing with the African National Congress's former allies, such as the Palestinian Liberation Organization leader Hauser Arafat and Labia's Miramar Gadding, even with the criticism of the United States during his presidency.

An effective leader based on common measures for success After his official retirement in June of 2004 Mandela In June 2004, Mandela's departing present was an R-one billion dollar endowment to South Africa, which would be raised by the Nelson Mandela Foundation, Children's Fund, and Rhodes Foundation. Mandela's inauguration had more Heads of State present than there were at the John J. Kennedy Rational for answers "A significant milestone of the presidency was the exemplary constitution-making recess, which delivered a document that is the new of the democratic world" (Framing's, 2012).

Even while serving a prison sentence Nelson Mandela's reputation continued to grow and he was even more accepted as one the most significant South African leaders also labeled as a potent symbol of resistance With the information in this article one will find a better understanding of the roles of a leader and that of a manager. With the information describing Mandela as a leader and a manager showing he was more than Just a naive idealist. He showed when eating and managing sometimes shelving morality is affective even if only temporarily.

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