Laboratory Equipment and Bunsen Burner

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Carson Drollery Partner: Adam Lineman Purpose: The purpose of this lab is to 1. Test your lab skills for accuracy. 2. Also to know what the safety rules of lab are. 3. Lastly to be able to name and Identify la element Procedure: See lab skills lab IPPP-28. Stetsons:l . The hottest part of the flame Is the tip of the Inner blue cone of the flame 2. If your flame is to yellow orange or sotto black you have to adjust the air vent of the Bunsen burner. 3.

In lab I learned how to test my skills for accuracy I know how to do this in that when weighing objects the closer you were to the actual weight the more accurate you were. In lab I also learned what the safety rules are some examples of the safety rules are safety goggles should be worn at all times, when mixing water and acid mix acid into water and always turn the burner off when it is not in use. In lab I also learned how to able and identify lab equipment some examples of lab equipment that we used in this lab were a Bunsen burner, graduated cylinder and a flint striker.

In lab I was able to successfully light the Bunsen burner using a flint striker. I was also able to create an inner blue cone within the flame of the Bunsen burner. I was also able to successfully zero the balance and record the mass of the objects to the correct number of significant figures. I was also able to successfully transfer the liquids correctly as well as read the measurements of the graduated wielders and burette and find the displacement volume of the graduated cylinders.

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I was also able to filter the a salt and water mixture and a sand and water mixture to figure out which one was soluble and which one was insoluble. Lastly I was able to bend the glass tubing to a 90 degree angle read the temperature . 1 degrees C. Sources of error that could of occurred were not having the balance perfectly zeroed out, having an object that did not weigh what it was supposed to, or holding the glass tubing in the flame to long or too low within the flame.

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