Knowing About the Comparisons Between Ball Mill and Vertical Mill

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For a long time, ball mill has been a key equipment for high capacity grinding demand. Nowadays, vertical mill will be active in this field. You must want to know the comparison between them, please read as follows: 1). Higher grinding efficiency. Vertical mill grind material in material bed, engergy cost will be 30% lower than ball mill, as sound engergy and thermal energy will cause energy loss in ball mill. 2). Simpler process flow and less investment need in infrastructure.

Simpler design in powder transmission ensures less breakdown time and better operation; compact arrangement requires only 70% building area and 50%-60% building space of that for ball mill. 3). Excellent performance in drying. As material is transferred by hot steam, wind temprature can be controlled to dry material with moisture of 12%-15% ready for grinding, while that for ball mill can only be 3%-4%. 4). Less consumption of metal parts. As there is no direct contact between different metal parts, metal consumption and iron content of final product will be reduced a lot, which will be good for final product quality. 5). Less noise and dust.

Noise can be reduced by 20-25 db comparing with ball mill and dust will be reduced greatly thanks to it’s subpressure design. 6). Powder is more even. As qualified products can be seperated in time and over grinding can be avoided, which can provide more even powder comparing with ball mill, in which over grinding is inevitable. Meanwhile, grain size can be adjusted easily by a unique system. ball mill: http://www. hxjq-crusher. com/20. html Stone crushing plant: http://www. hxjqchina. com/n26. html vibratory feeder: http://www. hxjqchina. com/product-list_14. html Stone production line: http://www. hxjq-crusher. com/64. html

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