Kindness: Positive Psychology and Old Lady

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Doing kindness to a perfectly stranger?.. how would I feel? well, I felt a sense of fullfiment and satisfaction. I was with my mother and sister the day when we visited a trade fair in La trinidad, the sun was high,twas'12pm, we were of course famished but we decided to quench first our thirst, we ordered halo halo from one of the stalls there. We joined a table where two girls were quitely enjoying their halo halo.. suddenly an old lady approached them, I overheard the old lady telling them that she was hungry,.. he old lady just stood there completely stoned, as in she was just standing in front of them while the two girls ignored her and continued whatever conversation that they were having maybe waiting for something,,,i thought those two girls were heartless, the woman was just like their mom already, so what I did was, I went to buy her pansit. The seller asked me if the old lady was disturbing us, I said no that it was completely fine, that she was just hungry that's all.

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I then gave the pansit to the lola, she ate, then left.. no thank you or anything.. Though I heard no thank you from that lola, I felt happy anyway, knowing that the pansit filled her stomach and that maybe she is grateful somewhere in her heart. My point is, helping someone may it be for little things or for big, it will somehow give you a sense of worth for your existense... that YOU EXIST FOR A PURPOSE!!! FGeXIST FJJEXEXIST FOR A PURPOSE! :)

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