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Advanced Professional Development Journal Education Essay

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As a manager/Leader I have to do portfolio of professional development. So in this portfolio I made grounds which is supported by my ain advanced professional development diary. That includes my ain personal accomplishment audit, SWOT analysis, my learning manner alterations, skill acquisition with the aid of some on-line trials like MBTI clip direction, learning stock list. This besides includes stuff collected to show accomplishment of the standards required by learning results.

I encourage myself to pick up a pen and a piece of paper and note down the ends I want to make. Look at each end and measure it. Make any alterations necessary to guarantee it meets the standards for Smart ends:

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  • S = Specific
  • M = Measurable
  • A = Attainable
  • R = Realistic
  • T = Timely

Complete my PGDM. I besides want good class in PGDM so that I will able to acquire relevant occupation.

Skills I m holding

Hard work

Active scholar


Skills required

Good acquisition capableness

Understanding of each and every topic

Get admittance in Msc Business Information Technology. By taking this class I will do good combination of PGDM class and Msc degree

Skills I m holding

Good cognition about information engineering

Skills required

Knowledge of recent progresss within field and in related countries

Ability to acknowledge and formalize proficient jobs

Professional /Organisational

I m presently non a portion of any organisation so I m adding here my professional end as acquiring a good and relevant portion clip occupation which in one manner attention deficit disorder to my life and in other manner add to my accomplishments.

Skills I am holding

Technical cognition

Adjustable nature

Skills required

Good communicating accomplishments

Fluent English

Get married. I put this in mid term because in 3 or 4 old ages I have to happen a right individual whom I can acquire married.

Skills I required

Understanding nature



Good cognition about household values


Get admittance in MBA ( portion clip ) I want to make MBA because it might be helpful for my bright hereafter and add to my grades.

Skills I required

Qualified grade

Increased acquisition capableness


Reputed occupation of director ( in reputated company ) or teacher ( in reputated university or college ) in UK. I have to believe about my household and my hereafter and my lifes to settle down

Skills I required

Efficient cognition about field in which I have to work

Team working

Critical thought

Identifying and analysing capableness

Outstanding communicating accomplishments both verbal & A ; written

Visit my favourite finishs.i want to give my self some interruptions and relax between busy agenda so I want to go different castles or states.

Skills I required

Savingss ability.

Fulfill my duties as household member sing different dealingss. Everyone expect something from me and I have to carry through demands of my household.

Skills I require

Management between household and work

Establish my ego in my field

Skills I required

Required cognition of concern competitions


Honesty with work


`` It is of import to first formalize a pupil s dominant agencies of larning if we hope to dispute them to work in a manner in which they feel less competent. Student 's '' ( Mary Ellen mcClanghan )

Learning manner

`` A typical and accustomed mode of geting cognition, accomplishments, or attitudes through survey or experience ``

( Neil Fleming, VARK Questionnaire )

Traditionally, the three predominant manners are:

  1. Visual ( reading or seeing )
  2. Auditory ( listening or talking )
  3. Tactile/Kinesthetic ( making )

So to cognize my learning manner I took a learning manner trial 'discovering your acquisition manners '

And found that I am ocular scholar 50 % , audile learner 35 % , haptic learner 10 %  .So I am ocular scholar most of the clip. To do my learning more effectual and valued I have to sharpen techniques for ocular acquisition and besides to get accomplishments for that.Moreover I can do a right balance between two learning manners ocular and audile to do my learning affectional for long usage.

Techniques ( accomplishments ) for ocular acquisition are as follows:

Making and exposing streamers which can be visualized subsequently on.

Using or making simple symbols are easy to retrieve.

Using colours is besides an effectual technique utilizing different colours for headers paragraphs, and lines can do me set up my undertakings or informations more efficaciously

Watching pictures and presentations I can promote my ego furthermore creates creativeness in work.

And in other manner I can fall in the accomplishments for audile manner with ocular acquisition to do my larning more dependable and efficient and smooth. Techniques for audile acquisition:

Singing and listening to music is helpful in cut downing emphasis during working hr.

Small group treatment. Group is said to be garnering of new thoughts and position people can propose, advice better.

System diagrams can assist me visualise the links between parts of a system within organisation, there workings construction people involved.

So I plan for following some accomplishments for larning in future to do my propensity best for me

Making outlines-making lineation of everything is a helpful technique through which I can retrieve utile instructions, my ain undertakings, and presentations.

Color codification words and research notes is a good technique that can be used to retrieve of import points in presentations and study

Whispering new information when alone is utile technique to better my memory.

Take notes, doing lists is an effectual technique to set up work.

Diagramming, reading maps, essays demoing a procedure is good technique to form, manage, learn things.

Repeating facts with eyes closed is a effectual technique that can be helpful in larning procedure

Reading transitions and composing replies about them in a timed trial is helpful in sharpening your memory and acquisition

Skill audit

Helps you to measure your current strengths in relation to identify accomplishments. So I carried out my ain accomplishment audit. That demonstrate evidences that I m holding that skill how I m traveling with that accomplishment and betterment if needed

Techniques need to be improved to make undertaking in effectual manner

I use IT suitably for database, recordings and showing information

SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis is an effectual tool to cognize your strengths, failings, chances and menaces. It tells about where you are now and what you should make in hereafter to better your accomplishments form your chances and place your menaces.

Hard Working Person, really ambitious. I want to give my 100 % in my work.I am honest in work attempt to give my best. Tidal bore to larn something new. I like to garner any sort of information from any beginning. I can alter my ego harmonizing to milieus or conditions. I prefer to form my work devising agenda for anything I do. I am good in spoken English so I can easy pass on with people. I have learned some rudimentss of concern from my uncle so I am able to pull off little concern or I can make occupation. One of my biggest strength is that I m positive mind. I ever hike my ego by stating I can make this. I have done many presentations during my Msc I have good presentation accomplishments.

Worked in prophet, VB. Made a undertaking in VB.i can work in IT environment. Furthermore I know prosecuting POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN BUSINESS MANAGEMENT subsequently on I can make MBA as good. Then I can hold more specific occupation ends.

Stress of making many things or undertakings at same clip carefully do me to believe unkindly about the state of affairs and people involved and who created that undertaking. Become really impatient sometime. Time force per unit area causes emphasis. Ca n't work decently under deadlines. Ca n't do multiple undertakings at the same time. Lack of work experience. Weak occupation happening techniques.


Negative tendencies in field that can decrease occupations like retrenchment and obsolescence. Many pupils are making same class what I m making my co-workers can give me tough competition. Competition is increasing, today is epoch of competition, and rivals can be superior so me holding high cognition in field. Lack of preparation and experience can be another obstacle.Companies is non engaging people with major/degree this can be menace to my calling.

After taking on-line larning manner stock list ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) . I came to cognize about my learning manner stock list. And the consequences are displayed in tabular array and graph.

Through this trial I am made able to detect my preferable learning manner. I am ocular scholar most of the clip as the trial consequences says so I can get ocular larning techniques to do my larning more effectual. Furthermore stock list besides shows some another preferable acquisition manners which I can utilize like lone, physical, and aural. Bing lone scholar I will work entirely think and concentrate more efficaciously on given undertaking. Bing societal I will prefer to larn from others what people advice and propose me.

Time direction log

After traveling through clip direction and my mark is 40 and I need to better on some issues. So to pull off my clip more decently I have to:

  1. I have to put some ends. Goals can be short listed ( for a hebdomad or month ) or for old ages.
  2.  I can give some plants more precedence.what are more of import to make do list which are to be done first which can be left to make subsequently on.
  3. Making agenda for my work is besides effectual to my work decently.

My day-to-day clip direction log

  1.  I woke up at 6 a.m.
  2.  Then I get fresh in half hr.
  3.  I make breakfast in about 1 hr.
  4.  Watch News for one hr expression for concern intelligence, amusement News etc for half an hr.
  5.  Then travel to shop for families ( veggies etc ) it may take two or three hours.
  6.  Read books or surf cyberspace for two or three hours.
  7.  At 9 p.m I have to fix dinner.
  8.  Until 10 I have went to kip.

To cognize my personality type I undergo through Myer Briggs online personality trial. and I got consequence as

I- ( introverted ) -I require some private clip to believe about state of affairs my ends future programs and day-to-day aims. I decently before making anything. I m motivated by my ain largely

N- Intuitive- I think about future most of the clip. Like to utilize imaginativeness use to do new possibilities work on them. I have to memorise to remember forms, contexts and connexions. I learn theoretically most of the clip

F-feeling-I am concerned to my personal feelings. Depend on people for any determination. I seek for consensus and popular sentiments.

J-Judging-I usage to be after inside informations in progress before I have to make any thing or take any action. Largely focus on actions related to undertaking. I prefer to finish sections and so to make chief undertaking. I try to cut down and command emphasis while making any work. Normally I set marks.

So after doing my accomplishment audit, making my personal SWOT analysis and taking trial to cognize my learning manner, clip direction, and personality manner trial I came to cognize about accomplishments I can get for effectual direction and leading.

I carried out personal development program which shows creative and actionable. Sing my current accomplishments my skill acquisition. resources I can utilize and skill acquisition. how they are effectual.

Career mission statement:  I want to set up in my field

Current accomplishments:

  1. Good and qualified Master of Science computing machine scientific discipline grade.
  2. able to utilize computing machine can work in Windowss, prophet, unix environment
  3.  Presently prosecuting PGDM ( station alumnus sheepskin in concern direction ) .
  4.  Good presentation accomplishments.
  5.  Good web of friends which can give me assist when required.

I learned how to impact others how to do them listen you by demoing figures, graphs, diagrams etc and moreover as ocular scholar it my utile for my ego to utilize different colour pens or markers for headlines and keywords and look attractive to others

I will go on with my ocular acquisition manner and will seek to heighten my accomplishments with this manner

Now I can work in squad manage my and my squads work decently.

I can pull off my group, take a lead, and do presentations. Suggest my co-workers

I can form my work and easy retrieve keywords, make my studies more effectual.

work direction was non good I was non able to work under deadlines and non was to work under force per unit area

By end puting now I am able to pull off my work I can do balance between official and personal life. I learned techniques to command cut down emphasis caused by deadlines given for certain undertaking

By listening to music, by doing your work more create for you sometimes group treatments besides help me so I like to discourse my jobs with friends and seniors in household

In future I will do agenda for work, give precedences to of import undertakings. usage techniques to cut down emphasis degree

I am able to make my work at a clip

I can work under strong deadlines, pull off my clip

I can do working and personal life balanced

My leading qualities were low I was non able to actuate and promote people

Now I am seeking to follow some leading qualities like cooperation, control,

Taking a lead, working with duty doing people to follow me

I will heighten my effectivity in this field and larn nucleus capablenesss that a director can hold

I am able to stand before others.

I can work as director and larn more managerial aims and pull off my staff members decently

I can do determinations at m ain degree

I was dependent on others to do determinations

I am able to take determination at right clip

I will do my ego more specific about determinations

I can analyse thing, reflect it and so take determination

Helpful for me when I have to work as director

I m self confident


To sum up, in this portfolio I demonstrated my skill acquisition I Overcome my failings and identified menaces and obstructions coming in my manner to accomplish my ends. I besides analyzed my current state of affairs, the ways to better and besides how I identified my learning manner and personality type and how I can utilize them in my skill acquisition. So, here I came to cognize about my acquisition manner, end scenes and clip direction.

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