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How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying

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Critique Last week I had the opportunity to come see the play with my peers and fellow classmates, "How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying". The play is about a man following the steps of the book "How to succeed in Business... " In hopes of climbing the ranks of the "Business" ladder and overall achieving success. Along the way he meets several women and other obstacles he needs to overcome In order to finish his Journey.

At first glance I found the play to be quite captivating to see fellow dents and classmates be a part of something this magnitude. As an apprentice and student of the Art of Theatre I took an appreciation to the amount of work and talent which was required to accomplish such a feat. But nonetheless the moment I thought out to be captivating at first glance had begun to slowly dissipate in some areas. Some areas were very charming and captivating while others were not so much. For starters, the Acting I believed at some points to be on-par, under-par, or over- par.

Some instances I Found to be enchanting and charismatic while some instances I found to be quite gloomy and unprepossessing. Only a few characters seemed to have any significant role and most of the dialogue seemed to have only went to those few characters. I would've liked to have seen some variation in the dialogue with other characters having a more substantial role. Then, the Build Quality put into the production had its moments of glory but at some points failed dramatically.

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To start off the build quality of the environment I Hough was great but failed at some points. For example the opening and closing of the elevator doors near the end of the play I found to be a very interesting idea, but failed when the operators and actors feet was visible through the door. Another example Is the volume of the microphones, at some points the volume for one character would be perfect creating an enchanting scene only to be ruined by the low-volume of the next character. Nonetheless the production quality had its highlights.

I found the wardrobe to be very fitting and the environment around them .NET perfectly together. But overall I found the play to be very good considering what I was expecting. I feel Like they really went all out on this play and gave It their all. Even though I felt like it could be much better in some areas. I still have a great appreciation for the play, its cast, and its crew. I haven't recently watched a play and now that I have it is something I can compare too when I am performing for my class. I can honestly say that I have left the play on a good note.

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