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A Better Man

Abel Villalbaso Edward Gika English 21 2/27/13 Better Man This experience taught me to be a better man. Unfortunately I learn that acting like a man made me act like a child. When I was fifteen, I drank alcohol for the first time.

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I was with my neighbors outside grilling food and talking. Everyone there were all men in their twenties and drinking beers. I chose to drink with them to be a part of their group and act like a man. After a few hours I had drank six beers and decided to go to bed. The next morning, I woke up with a hangover and left to school. During my first class I got a headache.

I had never thought about the consequences at the moment. All I wanted to do is take a nap at the nurse’s office. When I arrived to see the nurse she asked what’s wrong. I told her I had a headache. She could smell alcohol on my breath. She knew that I was intoxicated. I confess that I had drunk beer the day before. She called security to escort me to the principal’s office. When I got outside to the principal’s office she asked me to go inside her office. She handed me a paper letting me know I was suspended from school for a week. I was ordered to leave and walked back to my house. Suspended from school I was scared to go home.

When I got to my house, my mother asked me why was I home early. I told her the whole story. My mother was very disappointed and told me that I should make better choices in life and become successful in life. After that incident, my mother became more supportive to me. She always gave me good advice about good and evil. I finally realized that it is not easy for my mother to raise four kids by herself. She was always committed a poor single mother on welfare but now I learn that being a man is to respect yourself. Tough times never last but tough people do. Over the years I appreciate my mother even more and now I am on my way to success.