Investigatory Project Critical Essay

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One of the major observations of the researcher to the students of San Vaccine National High School is that most of the students has a dental problem, dry skin and ray hair, which is an obvious effect of lack of nutrients In the food that they eat. The researcher came out to the idea to make a nutritious food that will help the student to get mineral and vitamins through the food that they eat. Fruits and vegetables are one of the healthy foods found on earth.

This type of category includes all frozen, canned fruit/vegetables and French food. Fruits and vegetables are the good source of minerals, vitamins and fibers. It is suggested to have around five portions of fruit and vegetables daily. Pastilles or Milk Candy was one of the favorite native delicacies here in the Philippines, usually served for dessert. It is easy to prepare because it can be made with Just milk and sugar. To make the pastilles more nutritious the researcher added assault leaves because of its vitamins and minerals content.

Lydia Marred ,a Filipino scientist once said : " Assault leaves are rich in beta carotene for good eyesight, iron for healthy red blood cells, calcium for strong bones and teeth, vitamin C for smooth, clean skin, strong Immune cells, and fast wound-healing and Valetta E for younger looking skin The researcher also alms to sell pastilles De assault as one of the Income Generating Project of the Science Department to provide support to the deserving.This research aimed to produce nutritious Pastilles from Assault ( Chorus Littorals) Specifically, it aimed to answer the flirtatiousness's:

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  1. What are the health benefits of Assault Pastilles that makes it nutritious?
  2. Can the slimy taste of dried leaves assault be lessened?
  3. What is the level of acceptability of the product to the consumer by considering the following variables:

he dried leaves of Assault has no health benefits. 2. The slimy taste of dried leaves assault will not be lessened. 3. Assault Pastilles will not be acceptable to the consumer in terms of its taste, odor, and texture The students will be aware that choosing the right food affect their whole being. . The students and teachers even the community will be aware of the health benefits of assault such as: Assault being rich in vitamins and minerals generally promotes good health and well-being. Assault being rich in vitamin A can provide health benefits for good eyesight. Assault contains vitamin E and other antioxidants. It is said to prevent wrinkles ND promote youthful looking skin. Assault is used to treat inflammation and pain such as arthritis, headache, stomach ache and others. Assault being rich in fiber helps to control blood pressure, cholesterol build-up, diabetes and prevents heart disease.

Assault leaves are rich in fiber and its slimy consistency when cooked is used to treat various digestive problems such as diarrhea, stomach ache, dysentery, constipation and ulcers. It is also claimed that together with other herbs it can cure cancer. 3. The students will give importance to the fruits and vegetable those are Just around their backyard r community. 4. The students and teachers will be interested in experimenting different varieties of nutritious food. 5. The consumer of assault pastilles will benefit from the vitamins and minerals it contains. 6.

The community will give importance to the assault and try to plant this in their yard especially it can grow at any type of soil assault pastilles. 8. The study will be beneficial to the small entrepreneur to make improvement of the recipe.

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