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Investigatory project Persuasive Essay

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Required materials All purpose flour Water Jar with a Lid Spoon Brush Newspaper Estimated Experiment Time Less than 5 minutes to make the glue, about 15 minutes for it to dry (when applied) Step-By-Step Procedure 1. Mix one cup of flour with one-half a cup of water together in the Jar. Use the spoon to make sure the mixture is stirred well. This will become your glue. 2. Use your glue mixture to glue the newspaper into various shapes. Do this by brushing the glue onto the newspaper and attaching the edges to the glued area. 3. Let the glued newspapers sit for about 1 5 to 30 minutes. What happens? Note

The glue won't be as strong as traditionally glue, but you'll find It very effective when gluing paper. Best of all. The glue Is completely environmentally friendly! Store your left-over glue in your air-tight Jar in your refrigerator. Observation After your newspaper has dried, what happens when you lightly tug on the section that you glued? Does it come apart easily, or does it stick? Compare the strength of your homemade glue against store-bought glue. To do this, create a secondary shape with a new piece of newspaper. Instead of using your home-made glue, use some Elm's glue (or equivalent). Let the glue dry.

Compare and contrast the strength of the two glued newspapers. Is one stronger than the other? If so, which one? Result A chemical reaction occurs (evaporation of water) as the "glue" begins to dry, making it hard. This is the same process occurs when you leave the lid of a bottle of Elm's Glue open for too long. Eventually the exposure to the atmosphere will cause the water to evaporate and make the glue harden. Sponsored Links Take a moment to vault our table of Periodic Elements page where you can get an Len- depth view of all the elements, complete with the Industry first side-by-side element comparisons!

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Investigatory project Persuasive Essay

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