Intimation of Immortality Romanticism

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Romanticism is a style of writing that many authors use and perfected throughout their writing careers. Many authors use this because of the beautiful flow that the style of writing has. People like the way that this style of writing sounds and use it themselves while they are writing. Nowadays people look back at authors who were very good at writing in this style and base their style off the way that the early authors wrote.

The Romanticism was a very popular and upbeat era. Many styles of writing came out during that time and many people showed their own way of writing which was taken up by many people. Some great authors who perfected this time of writing we're: Samuel Taylor Coleridge, William Wordsworth and William Blake. Many people believed that some of the author's works were political for some problems during that time(Bloom).

These authors were the best at what they do and not many people could copy and write some of the works that these authors were putting out during that time. All of these authors had a huge part in the writing nowadays and really transformed and turned writing into what it had become during this time. These authors are the ones to created for that. They used what they saw to describe that time period and the events that were going on. They were able to describe what they saw so realistically it was like they were painting a picture for you.

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All of them had their individual way of expressing what they had to say. There style of writing was such an important part of life during that time because of the descriptive language that they brought to that time period. They all influenced the time period in their own way but still each was just as important as the other. Because of the perfection that these authors brought to this time period it was so well admired by my people during that time and today.

Coleridge way of writing was more of his own unique way that was very surprising to many readers but also admiring because of the descriptive way that he was able to explain his works. He would like to take the reader into their own world and make them think a lot of about the story be told(Snodgrass). This way of writing was such unique way that many people could not write like this it took many people plenty of years to be able to copy it.

"Coleridge wrote little poetry after 1802; instead, he established himself as one of England's foremost literary critics. Between 1808 and 1819, Coleridge gave seven series of brilliant lectures on Shakespeare; he included most of these in his Biographia Literaria (1817), an important two-volume collection of critical essays" (Bloom)

Coleridge went beyond the obvious standards that most people would sit behind and just write their woks. He continued on and created a unique way of writing that would change the way people wrote for many years to come. He went from novels to poetry and still kept his tasteful style of writing. People had a great time reading this style and enjoyed is writing greatly. This style was not duplicated for many years to come and became a vital style.

Blake had a original and simple way of writing but he was able to get his story across with such gratitude. Blake's works were so influential to people during that time period because of the way they he came across with his points. Though Blake was never able to get respect from people during his time period people still read his works and used them to their advantage.

Blake had a talent of be able to take the image of the society and putting into his literature and describing it in such a comprehensive manner. He was able to portray the way that society thought and their idea and opinions(Smetham). Blake was able to express many women and children way of life and their expressions. Today his works are appreciated by many literature enthusiasts and many others. His literature had a way of expressing the things that had a meaning during that time and his opinions.

"Blake's influence on the American Transcendentalists included a rejection of the rational thought of the HYPERLINK "" \t "_new" Enlightenment era in favor of an emphasis on human imagination, love, and subjectivity as the foundations of moral and social-political life. These themes were most prevalent in Blake's series of "Prophetic Books" of poetry, which included, most famously, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell and Milton.

In these works Blake Drew on the ideas of contemporary mystics, such as Emanuel Swedenborg, who also greatly influenced the Transcendentalists, William Blake never achieved great prominence or respect during his own lifetime, but today his poems and his drawings are appreciated as innovative and foundational aspects of the European romantic tradition." (Webster) William Blake's impact on the Romanticism Era was one that will used for all time. He shows authors a impacted way of writing. And many people use this way now and have perfected it.

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