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Integration of faith no name

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The Merriam Webster cautionary defines character as, "the good qualities of a person that usually include moral or emotional strength, honesty, and fairness". From the beginning of time, people have had the example of negative and positive character. The lesson comes from the Bible in Hebrews 13:18 Pray for us: for we trust we have a good conscience, in all things willing to live honestly. These qualities, as stated in Hebrews make a successful leader. A successful leader has a victorious team which will produce quality products and attract loyal customers.

Kettle and Keller state the vital role for any COM is to instill a customer viewpoint and create a loyal clientele (Kettle & Keller 2012). This is done through marketing and includes everyone in the company to reach to consumers. Within the marketing management the holistic marketing approach of 4 elements carries the workload that all employees should know the needs, wants, and interests of their market. This leads to value and satisfaction. If corners are cut to make a cheaper product the customer will not be happy with the quality.

Building or providing high quality goods and services are a sign of character, being honest with good conscience. What would the employee or company do when no one is looking? Would they do the right thing and be honest? Or would they lie, cheat, and steal to close a deal with a customer or client? The best companies will be the ones that give back to the community and help those in need that may be down on their luck. A well known restaurant chain of having a good honest character is Chick-fill-a.

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Integration of faith no name

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As of last year 2014, Chick-fill-a has given over $68 million to education and various charities, working closely with the community. They have successfully built a loyal market. They also value family time and allow their employees a day off, Sunday. By being an example of giving to the community and creating a firm foundation in character, people are attracted to the values and passion of this restaurant. A mission statement, 'this is where you breathe real life into the lungs of your organization" (Ramsey 201 1).

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