Inequlity in South Asia

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Efforts to solve inequality in South Asia have had no Impact. " How far do you agree? Explain your answer with reference to examples from both gender and caste inequality. In south Asia, there are critical Inequalities practicing, especially the gender and caste Inequalities. Realizing the harm that these Inequalities will bring, governments as well as non-government organizations are putting great efforts to improve this situation. However, based on what is happening right now in south Asian countries, these efforts did not really help.

Although the disadvantages present much more in political positions compare to before, but the mind-set is still ingrained in people's heart. Therefore, I agree to a large extend that efforts to solve inequality in South Asia have had no impact. Politically, situation is improving with the effort of the government. It is a government's responsibility in a modern world to help the people been systematically oppressed. Governments can also promote their international image by helping the disadvantages, through reserving seats for lower caste for example.

This does help in solving Inequality In amount of people who inning the government. Under the 73rd Amendment Act of the Constitution, India had proffered 33% reservation for women In rural and urban local bodies. The Parliament raised the percentage of women to 50% In local bodies in 2009. Currently, there are more than a million elected women representative in local bodies. At present, 22. 5% of places in government-funded academic institutions are set aside for Dalais and listed tribes who make up roughly 25% of the population. Therefore, there are some achievement in fighting against inequality in political Jobs.

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Governments also have good policy in solving the problem but they are not implemented well. Once It is out of the control of the government, it will be very hard to really be implemented. Since there are no obvious consequences, not many people will be willing to obey the rules. A state In India had committed $15,000 to construct a new school building, $900 for a new kitchen and $400 for new school benches. But only some of the money had arrived, so no construction had started a chairman of a village said $750 had been demanded of his village committee In exchange for building permits. N Pakistan, a young married woman, Samba Impair, as shot in the office of a lawyer helping her to seek a divorce which her family could never countenance, no government minister has condemned the killing, nobody has been arrested for Samba's murder, no government minister has condemned the killing. Therefore, it is really hard to implement government's good policy to solve the problems. The most serious thing Is, public still have a strong sense of discrimination. The thousand years old mind-set is very hard to change once It is set up in people's thinking.

Moreover, since some people can still benefit a lot from these Inequalities, hey will not willing to change their mind and give up practicing these Inequalities so easily. For Instance, Harlan, a state In north India, Is notorious for frequent murders of young men and women who transgress. Caste is still an important criteria in Five women were buried alive in Pakistan 'honor killing' on 02 September 2008. Girl babies are killed by the mother and buried surreptitiously with the connivance of the elders in the family and some grooms are still asking for dowry.

Unfortunately, education and economic development do not solve the problems: gender imbalance s more serious in richer area since more people can afford to do ultrasound check in India. Various examples around the world prove that, the ancient mind-set is wide spread in today's world in South Asia. However, think of the achievement been made in politic, there is only a very tiny amount of women or the lower caste are able to enter government to work and the work they do might not necessarily important. While the policy not been implemented and the mind-set among the majority of Indian can actually influence a very huge number of the people.

In rural area of India, even teachers practice fierce discrimination on lower caste students, without mass education, it is almost impossible to change the mind-set of the public. Thus, the achievement is still small compare to the problem. Perhaps the government need to be guaranteed to ensure its policy and correct education about inequality must cover the whole country. Yet, it requires time to improve the situation. In conclusion, there are a lot of efforts been made, and there are achievement, but the not many people can enjoy the achievement and effort been made has no much impact.

Hence, I agree o a large extend that Efforts to solve inequality in South Asia have had no impact. Although the caste system, dowry, and honor killing are outlaw, a long time ago, people still have a strong sense of discrimination: they are not willing to change. Teacher practice Politically: Government works very to Women's dalais percentage. Socially: mind-set examples: honor killing, cross marriage. Infanticide. Examining Equal voting right The parliament raised the percentage of women to 50% in local bodies in 2009 The provisional census for 2011 indicates a positive increase of 1 1. % in literacy rate amongst women. Protection of women from domestic violence act enacted in 2005 has given women a powerful tool. Anti-trafficking nodal cells adopting victims. Rescue, rehabilitation reintegration, repatriation. The government responsibility to ensure the laws being implemented, not changing mind-set. So the state government has offered to adopt abandoned babies as an incentive against killing them. In most cases, Nags say that the baby is killed by the mother and buried surreptitiously with the connivance of the elders in the family. In the last five months alone 47 babies have been received.

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