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Discuss Why Culture Is Important To The State In Asia

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Culture is very important to the state in Asia because most of the activities of the people in the region are deeply rooted in the cultural beliefs they hold. Indeed, most of the interactions that take place in the region especially the rising economy of China and the North Korea Nuclear program are deeply entrenched in the fabric of culture. This permeates both the local and international deals most of these countries have.

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Culture is the way of life of a group of people. This includes their behavior, their beliefs, societal norms and foundational tenets.

It includes customs, lifestyles specificities, eating habits, party organization, religion, community activity and everything that forms part of interactive activities of people in a particular geographical location. Culture is specific to a group of people and varies from place to place. I can be adjusted or modified for the benefit of better erupting behavioral patterns or community development. The current situation in Asia is marked by wars and conflicts in the Middle East, terrorism in some parts of same location, increased and perpetual religious autocracy.

In the same place, countries like Japan and China are improving the technological facilities while the Koreans are busy maintaining ‘peace’. In all the circumstances that surround the state of Asia, one realizes that culture has a major part; indeed it forms the only fulcrum upon which all acts are carried. The culture in China supports communism and individual multinational companies are only allowed to work or operate in this nation if they are ready to abide by existing rules and regulations of the country. The religious affiliation of people of this country also allows them to work effectively in the team, and even cater for the elderly.

Every one is working for the good of the ‘colony’; and as such respected for that service. These factors have been responsible for the economic prowess of this emerging superpower. Another nation is United Arab Emirates. This is dominated by the ‘skeihic’ rulership method wherein there is no election,. It is deeply rooted in Islamic tenets, and most of the policies of the government of these emirates are governed by the content of the Holy Quran. One even realizes that there is segregation in work based on cultural beliefs directly linked to customary religion.

One of the Emirates, Dubai, is a growing economy because of the accommodative approach to government and globalization it encourages. In the midst of this, contemporary culture little affected by Westernization is affected by this. As part of the culture of this people is the respect for the rule for the elders, responsibilities to the state and resistance to intrusion to cultural sanity. These factors form a bulk of the impetus for the current state of art and acts within Asia. This drives home the point that culture in intrinsic to events within Asia.