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Importance of Tolerance in a Community

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“What is Tolerance? It is the consequence of humanity. We are all formed of frailty and error; let us pardon reciprocally each other’s folly-that is the first law of nature. ” (Voltaire, Philosophical Dictionary, pg. 206) Tolerance is showing respect to others by appreciating others and allowing them to live. Individuals have different religions, opinions, practices and attitudes. Tolerance is about accepting other people’s lifestyle or beliefs without being judgmental. It contributes to a universal peace.

Unfortunately, too much suffering is nurtured in this world due to lack of tolerance. Moreover, one should ask if tolerance should have a limit particularly when it goes against moral values. Tolerance contributes in making a society stable. Without it, there would be no progression and no peace. In a society where different religious groups reside, it is essential. Every person is called to respect others’ practices and appreciate their contribution to a multi-racial community. Tolerance brings more justice, more equality and less racism. All people are born free and equal in dignity and rights, and they should not be discriminated against because of their nationality, ethnicity, religion, race, gender, political opinions, wealth or property. ” (Universal Declaration of Human Rights, United Nations, 1948). However, there is a high degree of intolerance for example between Israeli Jews and Palestinians. They are killing in the name of identity, statehood and religion. For the economy of a community to flourish, tolerance must play an important role at the workplace.

Higher productivity can be achieved if colleagues work together while understanding each other. A modern system of management keeps fighting and bullying away. The employer and the employee respect each other on the basic principle of tolerance. Tolerance at the workplace means respecting the attitude and practices of another person. Co-workers can feel more at ease with each other and concentrate on their work. People may do the same thing in different ways or hold opposing attitudes. Furthermore, employees should be able to accept the policies and laws of the workplace and by being tolerant this can be achieved.

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Tolerance at workplace therefore reduces frustration and improves happiness. Tolerance should also reside in families. It starts with the wife and the husband who afterwards show it towards the children. The modern family is a refuge from the problems of life. It is based on love and tolerance. Without tolerance in the parent-child relationship, there would be a lack of understanding. Furthermore, intolerance between wife and husband can lead to domestic violence. There would be too much tension in a home if tolerance was not practiced. It is an essential component in relationships.

A better atmosphere prevails within bonds when it is present. Parents therefore should be able to teach tolerance to their children, for them to learn to be open to differences. In politics, tolerance plays a major function. Political tolerance is a key principle of democracy. It leads to better governance where genuine democracy prevails. Tolerance fosters democratic values as people have the right to voice their opinion. Criticism can be beneficial as tolerance helps us to accept others views. As a result, the opposition system can freely disapprove a government’s decisions and propose alternatives.

Politicians should be able accept and respect the basic rights of persons and groups whose opinion differ from theirs. All citizens, including political leaders, have the responsibility to put political tolerance into practice by words and actions. For an individual to integrate in a community, he or she must be tolerant with himself or herself. He or she must know how to live with others. We cannot expect everyone to think alike. To live in peace and harmony, one must show respect for oneself and for others. One must accept others as they are and tolerance is the key to it.

It is a way of life and it contributes to self-happiness and happiness for everyone. In addition, by showing tolerance to other, one gives an example of this virtue to his surroundings. Thus, one should include tolerance as one of his or her basic principle of life. However, as almost everything in life, tolerance has a limit. There are so many evils in society that cannot be encouraged such as drug consumption and trafficking, corruption, favoritism, violence and all sorts of crimes. “Tolerance ends where harm begins. ” Tolerance is meant for the worthy, to fight for human rights and aim for peace; not to encourage injustice and harm.

Severe sanctions need to be taken against illegal affairs and unmoral practices. Definitely tolerance has its place in every field of life. It makes relationships smoother, allows freedom of expression and freedom of opinion. For the economy, it contributes to a higher productivity. It can also contribute to one’s happiness. It implies that one should accept differences of opinion and settle disputes peacefully. Countries can achieve peace and harmony through this basic principle of life. Tolerance is a basic principle of life that everyone should have. Nevertheless, we ought not to tolerate unjust practices.

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