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Make Cigarettes Illegal

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One of the largest and most problematic health issues in our society is smoking. Smoking is currently the leading cause of death in our country, due to its harmful and addicting contents, such as nicotine. Although millions die from it each year, smoking is the single most preventable cause of death. Since there is such a high number of deaths, enormous numbers of smoking related diseases, and damage to planet earth, smoking should be made illegal. The first reason smoking should be illegal is because it is detrimental and an addicting drug, just like many illegal ones.

Methamphetamine, and crack are some of the most dangerous drugs to use but what many people do not know is Nicotine is just as harmful. According to a chart in Health and Wellness, experts rate on how easy it is to become addicted and how difficult it is to quit. Using various drugs, 100 is the highest addiction potential. Number one on the chart for being most addictive was Nicotine with a score of 100 for having the most addiction potential. Number two was Methamphetamine(smoked) with a score of 96. Number three was Crack with a score of 94. Number 4 was Methamphetamine (injected) with a score of 90.

Of the 4 top addictive drugs listed, all are illegal except Nicotine. Nicotine has a much higher death and addiction rate than both meth and crack put together, yet nicotine and cigarettes are still legal. Another reason smoking should be illegal is 50,000 people die each year due to second hand smoke. Is it fair that people who do not smoke are forced to breathe in the chemicals of cigarettes? Is it fair that people who do not smoke are struck with smoking related diseases? Many people believe that solving the problem could be as simple as prohibiting smoking in public places.

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It does seem to make sense but when you think it out thoroughly, it is not nearly solving any problem. Yes, the number of second hand smoke related deaths would decrease but would not be eliminated. People in public would not have to worry about cigarette smoke but who would? Children. This law would be forcing them to live in a house full of smoke. Yes, the number of second hand smoke related deaths would go down but this law would increase the number children dying or suffering from cigarette smoke. As of today, americanheart. org states that about 60 percent of American children ages 4–11 are exposed to secondhand smoke at home.

Studies have shown that children (especially infants) of parents who smoke have more lung illnesses, such as bronchitis and pneumonia, and can develop asthma. What is that percentage going to be when the only place smokers can smoke is home? Children from ages 4-11 are not the only ones suffering from this drug. Unborn babies are greatly affected by cigarettes. How could any expecting mother put their baby at risk for any damage to their innocent, undeveloped bodies. It is completely unethical and disgusting that something so dangerous to an unborn baby is legal! TheTruth. rg states that every single year smoking durning pregnancy and exposure to second hand smoke results in the death of 776 infants and unborn fetuses every year. That is 776 too many! Other than death, there are many other complications that come with smoking during pregnancy . Low birth weight, premature birth which can cause learning disabilities, cerebral palsy, and mental retardation. Marchofdimes. com held a study that showed women who smoke anytime during the month before pregnancy to the end of the first trimester are more likely to have a baby with birth defects, particularly congenital heart defects .

The risk of heart defects appears to increase with the number of cigarettes a woman smokes. Expecting mothers should not even have this option because smoking should be illegal. Besides babies, here are some problems that come along for anyone who is exposed to cigarette smoke.

  • Reduces fertility
  • Increases likelihood of impotence
  • Contributes to thin bones
  • Affects mental capacity and memory
  • Reduces levels of folate, low levels of which can increase the risk of heart disease, depression, and Alzheimer's disease
  • Affects ability to smell and taste
  • Increases risk of depression in adolescents Increases risk of heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure
  • Increases risk of diabetes
  • Increases risk of cancer
  • Causes breathing problems
  • Reduces immune system and get colds and flu more easily

I think by now, it is pretty obvious that cigarettes are very unhealthy. What is it exactly that make them unhealthy? Almost everything in them! according to healthyliteracy. worldwide. org There are over 4,000 chemicals in cigarettes. 51 of them are known to be carcinogenic. A carcinogen is something that causes cancer. Cancer is a disease that often kills those who have it.

Chemicals in cigarettes and cigarette smoke are known to cause not only cancer but also other serious health problems. Many of the chemicals are poisonous. If a person ate one pack of cigarettes, he/she would die. Some of the familiar chemicals in cigarettes are- Carbon Monoxide which is found in car exhaust. Nicotine, a strong poisonous drug. It is the main ingredient in bug sprays. In its pure form, just one drop on a person's tongue would kill him/her. Tar, a material to make roads. Arsenic, rat poisoning. Ammonia, which is cleaning products. Hydrogen Cyanide, gas chamber poison. Cyanide, deadly poison.

Acetone, nail polish remover. Butane, cigarette lighter fluid. DDT, insecticides. Formaldehyde, fluid used to preserve dead bodies. Sulfuric Acid, in car batteries. Cadmium, Used to recharge batteries. Freon, damages earths ozone layer. Maltitol, a sweetener not permitted to be used in foods in the U. S Although America is a free county and many people believe that smoking is a choice of freedom, there should be no freedom in killing yourself and others. Some people would argue that smoking should not be illegal because there are many things a person can do that are just as dangerous. For example, skydiving.

While skydiving may dangerous, it is not the number one most preventable cause of death in America. Yes, an activity such as skydiving is taking a huge risk of danger but it is not guaranteed that you will get sick or die. Skydiving is regulated to make sure the health and wellbeing of a diver whether professional or non professional does not perish when attempting to jump. As for cigarettes there are no state or federal regulations that protect you or help you from disease or death. With all of this being said, I strongly believe that there is no need for such a deadly product that is useless in todays society.

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