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Ill effects of smoking in INDIA

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"Smoking is Injurious to health" A true, accepted but an UN-acquired fact by the majority of genes of the world. People are careless for their health, family, environment and moreover for their motherland.

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Ill effects of smoking in INDIA

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. India is a country where Cigarettes needs to be termed "Illegal", as majority of smoking, smoker and it apparatus (tobacco, nicotine, etc. ), are dwelled here.

India, the youngest country with high population and major of thou being "Youth", is inhered to bad habits (alcohols, rugs) at a great pace. One of which is "Smoking". Both the adults as well as youth are badly addicted to it. "Excess of anything leads to Disaster!!! " This quote correctly describes the current status of our land, India. As major of the population smokes, which lead to hundreds of deaths between the age of twenty to sixty-five. If one who smokes measures out the amount of "Tar" present out In his lungs it'd be about a liter, which Is sufficient to make him Ill, very Ill.

Tar Is a poisonous toxin, which when gets accumulated In excess In our lung causes choking ND ultimately leads to "Death, Death, and Death!!! ". In a country like India, there are severe problems which dwell Including the severe most "Corruption" ,add on another, "Smoking", which adds on to the cause of destruction for our country. It has not only one but many adverse effects: 1 . Causes air, water and land pollution; 2. Danger to life; 3. Financial crises In a family; 4

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