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Sir, I will have a meeting with the CEO Officers that would like to invest in a distance learning start-ups. I would like to seek for your advice before I meet the CEO Officers. Included in this letter is the project proposal that I’m planning to present. Cover letter The name of the company shall be Distance Learning Co. The company describes a distance learning services for students not physically present for classes at school. The idea of the proposal is to offer students to learn even they can not attend classes.

Instead, teachers and students may communicate in e-mail, through the use of internet. Also, teachers and students may exchange information through the internet. The rationale behind this project confers to the students who are willing to study even they are busy in their respective work. In addition, the proposal is intended mainly for business, the firm has a high demand in the market. The business of distance learning is now becoming popular and commences a high demand. Its losses gain less than a percent and earn revenue at high percentage.

In example, the firm would at least profit $37. 50 for a fee on taking distance learning (per individual). The employment is minimal and its cost is at minimal rate. The expected return of investment would be at less period of time (5 years). The proprietor of the business proposal graduated in Harvard University in 1987. He obtained its PhD in 2005 and had experience in teaching for 20 years. Currently, the proprietor is employed in Harvard, teaching economics and mathematics.

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In addition, the proprietor had experienced running a distance learning school in 1990 with own investment. Listed below are the sources and use of funds. Sources & Uses of Funds (Chautin, 2007) Sources of Funds Cash from owner previously contributed $20,000 Additional cash from owner 100,000 Proposed loan 300,000 Total funds available 420,000 Uses of Funds Working capital 20,000 Purchase computer & office equipment 150,000 Purchase building 250,000 Total uses of funds 420,000.

The proprietor / lender guarantee the success of the business in 5 years. The lender will subject its financial property ($500,000 - Citibank) for liquidation. The plan of the business is to advertise distance learning through national television, radios, and on internet. Fees for distance learning prefer a slight decrease among normal fees other companies shelling out to its customers. The idea of this marketing plan is to attract students / a customer to enroll, hence, improves the quality of distance learning.

The lender strongly recommends the business proposal for approval The cover letter includes the executive summary, description of the firm, collateral, and marketing plan of the business proposal. Sir, could you review the proposal before I present it to the CEO Officers?

Thank you. I hope for your immediate response.


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