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I Am Sick of Unethical Business Practices

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Friday I Filled Out a Bad Credit Auto Loan Application at Cars. Com They Are Basically an Affiliate Site, By retractile I am sick of unethical business practices. Let me tell you the story of yesterday, but we will start on Friday. Friday I filled out a bad credit auto loan application at cars. Com They are basically an affiliate site, that submits your application so car dealers in our area, although I thought they specialized In bad credit, do not think they actually do. Well about an hour after I fill out the form, I get a call from Suzuki of Nashville. The woman, Amanda tells me I have been approved for a $0 down $99/MO special they are running, and she also tells me "we are not a buy here pay here place", she also told me that by making payments on time, It would help my credit. So I tell her I may have to work 8 hours the next day(Sat), but it will probably be six hours, so I will be UT at pm. She tells me to come into the dealership by 7:1 pm.

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I Am Sick of Unethical Business Practices

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So after get off the phone with her, I get another call from Suzuki of Nashville, and the guy tells me that I will need a co-signer. Well, I tell him that I had already talked to another person(Amanda) and that she told me I was approved, he persisted that I would need a co-signer _ Well I tried calling Amanda back to ask her about It. But she was "unavailable". The next day comes, get out of work, have a buddy who gives me a ride, come to the souse, and Walt while I take a shower, then I and the o lady go down to the dealership via a ride from the buddy. I tried calling Amanda again, but she was again not at her desk, and the lady that answered gave me a cell phone number to call her with, but surprise surprise she did not answer. We go down to the dealership and tell them we are there to see Amanda. She Is not available(HA), so some other person did our paperwork. And he comes back from the credit department and says you need a co-signer. s down there, and I would file a complaint with the ebb, which I did. That story leads to the next story.

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