I Am Not Scared

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Michele and Filippo deserve our sympathy, all the others deserve only condemnation. Discuss. The story takes place in 1978 in a fictional town called Acqua Traverse in Southern Italy during the hottest summer of the century. The readers all have a soft place in our hearts for filippo and Michele about their tragic experiences. Michele’s natural sense guides him to determine the good and wrong things. Despite his age, his moral terms are much better than all the adults, who sacrifice their consciences to sink into crimes. This statement considers being partly agreed.

We sympathize with Filippo in his misfortune, and we feel sorrowful about the ways they treated Filippo are too ghastly to look at. Michele was not fear of sacrifice and saved Filippo’s life. And all the other deserve only condemnation, except for Michele’s parents, Pino and Terese. Filippo’s misfortune deserves our sympathy, and we feel sorrowful and miserable about the way the adults treat him. Filippo is only nine years old. He should prosecute true happiness and deserve the caring from his parents, but the adults totally destroy everything. A tragic experience causes him stay in the shadow of death.

In the story, Michele has to do forfeit by climbing up to the first floor of the abandoned house. When he lifts up the corrugated sheet, he finds the boy was lying at the bottom of the hole, it was dark and full of flies and a sickening smell welled up. Filippo’s living condition is very poor and miserable, lack of water and food, with chains on his feet. After he gets kidnap and hide in the hole by the adults. He has a little bit mental disorder, because he can’t trust anyone anymore, nothing in this world is happy or magnificent, nobody in this world is dependable.

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He also mentions everyone in his family is all dead and they live in the holes like him. The world’s a place full of holes with dead people in them. He gives up his life in despair. He will never dare to expect someone come and help him, take him out of the evil and nasty place. And Sergio once spreads works to the public and says he will cut off two of Filippo’s ears for the ransom. That is unbelievable, how can they have the heart to cut off a nine-year-old boy’s ears. Their actions are shameful and disgraceful.

And they totally destroy his childhood innocent and scar him emotionally forever. This shows that Filippo’s misfortunate should deserve the reader sympathy. Michele is not fear of sacrifice and saved Filippo’s life. His has a wonderful natural sense to determine whether he should do or he should not do. He doesn’t obey any unreasonable comments from the adults. In the story, when Michele listen the conversations between the adults, he sees Filippo’s mother is appealing to the kidnappers, do not hurt him, and they love him and haven’t forgotten him.

And he realises Filippo is kidnaped by his father and the old man, Sergio. And they want to cut off his ears. Although Sergio frightens Michele into being a good and obedient children, and do not interfere with the world of adults. But he cannot transgress his morality, He goes back the abandoned house and tells him everything, and he also worries about does his father cut off Filippo’s ears. This also proves the friendship between Michele and Filippo are very precious. Michele helps him, provides food and water, and brings him back to the reality and takes him away from the shadow of death.

Michele tries to convince him that he is not alone, he stills alive and he is not blind at all, and helps him to return to a human state. Gradually, the friendship between them bloomed, and Michele is the only one in the world that Filippo can depend on. Unfortunately, Felice discovers Michele is in the bottom of the hole, he get beat up by Felice, who was a poor devil with friendless and womanless. Finally he has to make a promise to his dad, never go back to the hole again. If they find Michele has visit him again.

Sergio or Felice will shoot him. But he also promises Filippo that he will come back. This situation seems like to challenge his moral bottom line. But he decides to break promise to his father and pluck up his courage to rescue Filippo. The thunderstorm propels Michele to save Filippo’s life, because he knows they are coming to kill him soon. This moment shows the courage and goodness of Michele. The friendships between them are entitled to be called the true friendships, because they never betray each other.

This shows Michele is not fear to sacrifice and save Filippo’s life, their friendships are very valuable. His actions and moral terms deserve our sympathy and are worth learning. All the others should only deserve condemnation, they should feel shameful and guilty about what they do to these nine-year-old boys, but Michele‘s parents should gain the forgiveness of the masses. In the story, Michele is liked many other nine-year-old children, they trust their parents and depend on them all the time.

However, the reason why Pino gets involved in this kidnap, because he wants his children to get the better life in the future, far away from poverty. In the story, when Michele gets beat up by Felice, Terese try to fling herself at Felice, although she knows Felice is much stronger than her, but she protects her children at risk of his life. This shows the depth of love and protection. She said to Michele, when he grow up he must go away from here and never come back, because she doesn’t want him to remember this unhappy experience. It will directly impact his emotionally.

This show Pino and Terese should deserve the forgiveness, and they demonstrate the depth of love and protection to their children, they are not allowed anyone to hurt their children. Filippo’s misfortunate should deserve our sympathy. Michele demonstrates the courage and goodness, not fear to sacrifice and save Filippo’s life, his moral term is worth learning for everyone. All the others deserve only condemnation, except for Pino and Terese, because they are absolute conscientious parents, they just hope their children will have the better life in the future.

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