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I’m not scared plot

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So they had a race of running straight up the hill and the last child who lost the game would pay a forfeit. Michele was just about to overtake the second child, Salvatore, who was Michele' best friend when he heard his sister Maria scream. His sister was only 5 years old and she followed her brother stubbornly to ake part in the race. nfortunately, she hurt herself and broke her glasses. Michele had to stop and turn back for her. However, he became the last one to reach the hill. When he was on the top of the hill, the others had gone. Michele and Marla found an abandoned farmhouse and other children were there waiting for them. Because of Michele and his sister's unusual situation, they decided to make Barbara do the forfeit. However, the forfeit was so indecent that Michele offered to do the forfeit Instead of Barbara. After doing the forfeit, he discovered a hole with a sheet covering t and there was a boys leg in it.

He was frightened and left the farm house quickly. When Wchele and his sister arrived Acqua Traverse, their father had been home. He had left home for a few months and both Michele's mother and her children were happy to meet him again. Michele had an arm wrestling competition with his dad, and his sister helped him win the competition, so that their father gave them the present. They had a good time with family at that time. The following day, Michele woke up early and his parents were still asleep. He couldnt help thinking about the ittle boys leg in the hole of the farmhouse.

Although he was scared, he persuaded himself and rode his bike by his own to that abandoned farmhouse. He opened the cover, and asked whether there was anyone inside the hole. However, no one answered him. He picked up a stone and threw it at the boy. The stone hit him on the foot. Michele thought he was dead. He wanted to go down into the hole and see his face. Inside it was cold and he found the little boy was as young as him. He touched the boy with his toe. When he tried to lift the blanket off the boys face, the 'dead' boy ent his leg.

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After that, the boy stretched out his arms toward Michele without eyes opened. They both started screaming. Michele was frightened; he grabbed the rope and shot out of the hole rapidly. His father was angry with him because he fell asleep on the way home and forgot the time. He got out of the house and climbed on the carob tree. When he came back home, his dad had gone. Michele and Maria and their mum had dinner together. Then they went to bed quickly, but Michele couldnt fall asleep and he kept thinking about the little boy. The following day, Michele's arents were out.

He went to the hill again because he wanted to save that little boy. The hole wasn't covered this time. He thought that the guardians of the hole must know that their secret had been discovered. The little boy was very thirsty and Michele got him some water. When Michele was getting water, he found a pan that was Just like the one they had at home. The little boy didnt move any more after drinking water, so Michele covered up the hole and went away. After lunch, Michele's parents went to have a rest and Michele started to search for the saucepan, but he Hllppo.

However, Salvatore Olan't care aoou t Hllppo at all. He got Mlcnele out 0T nls room. Michele couldn't fgure it out why Salvatore considered his secret as rubbish. He left for the abandoned house and met Filippo as he promised. Fillippo had been washed by the kidnappers and no chain was in his feet. Michele suddenly had a great idea. He wanted to take Filippo out of the hole. He tried to persuade Fillipo to come with him. At first, Fillipo didn't dare to go out with him. However, Michele had to lie to him. He said he was an angel and he was going to take Fillipo to the heaven outside.

Finally, Fillipo agreed to get out of the hole. Michele found a leader and helped Filippo out. They had a good time, then he sent Filippo back into the hole. When he was about to go back to the ground, the ladder was pulled away. He looked up and found Felice watching them. Felice found out everything. He knew that Michele had been here for many times. He caught Michele and beat him. Felice pushed him into his car, and insides there was Salvatore. Michele realized that it had been Salvatore who ratted to Felice and told his secret to Felice. Salvatore had sold Michele for a driving lesson.

Michele was broken-hearted about Salvatore's betrayal, and his body was hurting. When his mum saw him, she was angry with Felice because Felice beat his son. Michele's mother was out of her control and tried to beat Felice. She was almost going to kill him. When Felice threw himself on top of her mum and tried to insult her, Michele's dad and the old man came in. Michele's dad pushed Felice away. The men had a talk and when Michele's father came back, it was night. Michele's father came into the room and talked to him. He swore to his father that he wouldn't come back any more.

When Michele was with his friends, they suddenly suggested going up the hill to the abandoned house again. After discussing, Michele decided to go with them. Michele was very nervous, and it seemed to be rain. He persuaded himself to uncover the hole, and there was nothing in it, either Filippo. He realized that Filippo had been taken away by those adults without saying goodbye. Salvatore said he heard his father talking to the other guys and he knew where Filippo was. He told Michele that Filippo was at Melichetti's, down in the gravina. When they came back to Acqua Traverse, they saw two helicopters ppeared and all adults had gone.

Michele's sister said all adults had gone to Salvatore's house after they saw the helicopters. Michele led his sister back home and had supper and then they went to bed. The adults came at midnight and they shouted so loud that they woke Michele and Maria up. Their mother came in and forced them to sleep. She stayed very long and got up because she thought Michele and Maria were asleep. Michele spied on them in his room and heard them talking about a plan. They were discussing how to deal with Filippo. Finally they decided to kill him and finish the whole thing.

Michele quickly dressed himself and Jumped out of the window to save Filippo. He found Filippo in a hole after innumerable hardships. He helped Filippo out of the hole, but there was not much time left for him to get off the hole. He ordered Filippo hide himself and get away. However, he couldn't escape from the hole because his leg was hurt and adults were coming. He didn't succeed in climbing out of the hole, and his dad didn't recognized him, he shot him instead of Filippo. He was hurt heavily and finally a helicopter came over. He sacrificed himself for Filippo.

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