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Hydrofracking Global Issue

Hydro fracking’s global impact Benefits Immediate solution to the energy crisis in the future Fracking is a solution to an affordable energy supply to the world           UK’s future energy crisis due to low gas storage and rely heavy on import. Exploring the hidden potential for natural gas around the world           Many countries such as China, Australia, France, etc. have vast shale formation and potential for hydro-fracking natural gas.

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China has estimate 1,275 trillion cubic feet of technically recoverable gas compared to 862 trillion cubic feet in US

Lower energy costs for other countries around the world                     High cost from buying shipping energy from other countries           High costs to build nuclear plans for energy Global environment will benefit from hydro-fracking Solution to deal with global warning                      Carbon dioxin emission decrease as the US’s emission decrease 7. 7% since 2006           Importing energy through pipeline cause environmental damage due to methane leakage during transit Less toxic compared to nuclear plans

Japan’s nuclear shut down after tsunami disaster due to the toxic effect to the environment and people around the areas Benefit the countries’s economies as wellas the world’s economy           Partnership between China and the U,S create more jobs and stimulate the economy in both countries Drawbacks Global environmental’s negative change Shale gas extraction cause earth tremors: possible earthquake but not strong and serious and only around the extraction area. Long-term risk for the underground water resources that might cause public ealth risks Political issue Many countries has not tapped the natural energy resource due to technical hurdle and political issue due to the danger that hydro fracking can cause to the people live near the s                    France has strong public opposition to hydro-fracking                    Bulgaria ban it Poland welcome it but was charge with bribery during the awarding lease processing  and taint the plans                    Pending environmental review in South Africa

High costs for different countries In some European countries such as Poland, the costs to drill is three times more expensive compared to Texas, US. Need of Advance technologies to reduce drilling and extracting costs Geologies’s differences issue China’s shale formation are deeper underground, thus private property rights has hindered the development. The country’s biggest shale gas prize lay in the province that water is hard to come by.