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ASSIGNMENT ACKNOWLEDGEMENT SHEET FOR SUBMISSION OF ASSESSMENT Serial No: 40074724 Please note: 1. Assignments must be submitted on or before the date due. 2. Students must ensure that they are not guilty of plagiarism which is, essentially, referring to the words/ideas of others without acknowledgment. Students must comply with the statement below. | Students Declaration The attached assignment is my own work, and has never been submitted for assessment on any other course before.

Proper referencing has been made to all sources: published or unpublished works and the ideas of other persons. (Student’s Signature) Yasas Kalubowila Full Name of Student Mr. Kalubowila Prathibha YasasDate submitted _14 Jan 2012_ Programme _BA (Hons) - Business Management (Singapore) Course Code _39604BH______ Name of Module/subject _Human Resource Management Class ____1__________ ------------------------------------------------- Assignment Title/Reference no. (if applicable) _HRM 08701 (Part 2) -------------------------------------------------

Teacher – Dr Allen / Mr Jeffrey Tan___ ___________________________________________________________________________ For Office Use| You are required to develop a two-day induction training course for Baristas (Day 1 should focus on company induction and Day 2 on job specific induction). The course is designed for all new baristas, and will be delivered to groups of 12-16 people. Write a report which includes a) The overall aim and specific learning objectives for the course. Aim of the Course

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According to Armstrong (2009), employees are far more likely to resign during the initial months after joining the organization. The main aim of this induction program is to welcome our new colleagues in to Cafe Co. family and to get them to understand their role within the organization. This will help them to settle into their jobs more easily and at the same time this will aid the staff to add value to the company which will help the management to align with the company goals and achieve competitive advantage in the long run.

In any training program, the learning objective has to be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timely (Armstrong, 2006, p506) in order to archive the training goals 1. Understanding the organization and t * History * Understanding Vision, Mission & Value Statement * Basic conditions of Employment ( Working hours, leaves, holidays, insurance schemes, ) * Organizational Structure 2. Working Culture * Effective team Management * Improve leadership qualities * Getting to know the line managers 3. Product Knowledge * Varieties of coffee and preparation methods Food Menu & Beverage Menu 4. Customer service * Importance of customer service * Standard operation procedures (SOP) * Handling a customer complain * Customer appreciation Word Count 170 b) An explanation of how this training program will improve the performance of employees. * Give an understanding about the company history, short term and long term goals * Company’s vision, mission and value statement * Allow the trainees to embrace company culture and understand the rules and regulations * Get to know the management staff and the environment so he trainees will not feel cornered * Understand the food and beverages which will be sold together with coffee * Learning the coffee mixtures and varieties of coffee beans in order to give a good impression to the customers * Build a friendly attitude toward work and improve on customer service to attract new customers * Understand the sequence of service to give a smooth operation in service and decrease time lags Word Count 110 Day| Time| Venue| Description| Media| Remarks| 1| 8. 30 am– 9. 5am| Training Room Foyer | Breakfast & Registration | N/A| The participant will be given with course materials, Employee Handbook and other necessary documentation. | | 9. 15am -9. 30am| Training Room`| Welcome speech| N/A| The managing Director of Cafe & Co will deliver the welcome speech. | | 9. 30 am- 10. 15 am | Training Room`| Introduction to Cafe Co. | ProjectorVideo on Cafe Co. | The video will show and elaborate on Cafe. Co History and the current standing. -History -Current Standing in the market| | 10. 15am – 10. 0 am| Training Room Foyer| Morning Coffee Break | N/A| Buffet Spread with refreshments| | 10. 30 am-11. 30 am| Training Room | Our Business and Our Goals| Video, PowerPoint Presentation & Speech| With aid of the Employee Handbook, the trainer will go through ,Company vision ,Mission,Value statement ,Goals – Long term and Short term| | 11. 30 am- 12. 00 Noon| Open area | Leadership icebreaker game| N/A| Trainees are divided into two groups to play the game “Magic Shoes”. Refer Appendix 1| | 12 Noon - 1. 30pm| Restaurant | Lunch| N/A| The Group will be taken for the lunch at a restaurant nearby| | 1. 0pm – 2. 30pm| Training Room | Employment Conditions| Presentation & Speech| The HR manager will brief on the Employment Condition and benefits given by the company * Annual Leave * Absent Reporting * Hours of work * Overtime payments * Contract| | 2. 30pm -2. 45pm| Training Room| Q & A| 2 wireless microphone, Facilitator| The Employees are to ask questions to clarify any doubts they have regarding the contract and the conditions| | 2. 45pm -3. 15 pm| Training Room | Organizational Structure and Career advancement opportunities | PowerPoint presentation| The HR Manager will ntroduce the top management and the company hierarchy. Job advancement opportunities and examples of the individuals who started as baristas which had advancements in their careers | | 3. 30pm – 3. 45pm | Training Room Foyer| Afternoon Coffee Break | N/A| Buffet Spread with refreshments| | 3. 45pm – 5. 00pm| Training Room| Introduction to Cafe Co. Products | PowerPoint Presentation,Video Clips | The Employees will get to see the line of products which Cafe Co. offering. | | 5. 00pm | End of Day 1| Day| Time| Venue| Description| Media| Remarks| 2| 8. 30 am– 9. 0am| Cafe Co. Outlet| Breakfast| N/A| Buffet Spread with refreshments| | 9. 00am -10. 30am| Cafe Co. Outlet| Food Hygiene and Safety Requirements | PowerPoint Presentation, Demonstration| The trainer will go through the food hygiene & safety requirements. -Food preparation -Handling of equipments -Fire safety-Fire Extinguishers-Fire Drill | | 10. 30 am –11. 00am| Cafe Co. Outlet| Customer Service | PowerPoint Presentation| Trainer will give a presentation,-Importance of the customers-How to attract new customers -Customer appreciation -Customer Loyalty| | 11. 0am-12. 00 Noon| Cafe Co. Outlet| Handling Customer Complains| N/A| Role Play in groups of 3 to 4 -Each group is given a scenario -The trainer will assess them in handling the situation -Remarks from the trainer | | 12. 00 Noon- 1. 30pm| Cafe Co. Outlet| Lunch Meeting with the Line managers | N/A| Buffet Lunch-The Line Managers will go around and talk with the Trainees during the Lunch | | 1. 30pm-3. 00pm| Cafe Co. Outlet| Standard Operational Procedure of Cafe Co. | Demonstration and PracticalCutleries, Cutleries | The Trainer will Demonstrate the service sequence. Welcoming the Guest-Locating a table-Offering the Menu-Taking Orders-Serving -Attending to various requests from the guest -Table Settings (Cutleries)| | 3. 00pm -4. 45pm| Cafe Co. Outlet| Coffee Preparation Methods followed by Coffee Break| Coffee Machine, Coffee Cups, Sample Food in the Menu,| The Trainer will Demonstrate how to make Different Coffee Mixtures-Each Group will try to make their own Coffee-All the food items in the menu will be served during this session. -The trainer will emphasize on the importance of product knowledge. | | 4. 45 pm – 5. 5pm| Cafe Co. Outlet| Course Summery, Evaluation and Closing Address | PowerPoint Presentation, Evaluation Forms, Facilitator| The Trainer will give the Closing address and will leave the premises where the facilitator will conduct the Evaluations | | 5. 15pm| End of the Induction Program| Word Count 613 a) Explain the training methods and media you would suggest for delivering each part of the program, justifying your choices. (1000 words) Learning Styles Before planning a training program it is impotent for the trainers to understand different styles of learners.

According to Honey & Mumford, there are four styles of learning; they are activists, reflectors, theorists and pragmatists (Gray, Cundell, Hay and O’neill, 2004) Honey and Mumford also suggested that the use of the senses (hear, see, feel, smell & taste) can enhance the learners learning experience. Figure 1 -They need models, facts and concepts to engage in learning -like to understand theories behind actions -Involves themselves in new experiences. -Willingness to take Risks -Have an open mind -people who learn by Doing Practical approach -like to put what they learn in to practice -Experimenting -like to try out new ideas -Learn by observing and thinking -takes time to come to conclusion -they avoid leaping in like to watch in the side lines Training Methods Choosing the correct training method to deliver the training is very important for both the trainer and the trainee. There are lots of factors to consider when choosing a method. Some of them are: Audience age, level of education, learning style of the trainees, budget, trainer’s skills and training style.

Training Method | Description| Advantages | Drawbacks | Where did we use? | Why did we use? | Lesson/Instructions| The trainer will deliver the lesson to a group of people | Ideal for smaller groups. Can archive transfer of information easilyCan make the learning experience more interesting with the use of the right media. | Cannot handle Larger groupsVery trainer centered Standard of the training depends too much on the trainer| Most of the activities on the first day was more based on this method of training -Our Business and Our Goals -Employment Conditions Organizational Structures and Career Advancement Opportunities-Food hygiene and Safety requirements | This is the most common method of transferring the information out to an audience. Even though this can be bit monotonous, using of a mixture of media like videos can make the learning experience more effective. The topics like business and our goals, employment conditions and etc are very straight forwards topics which can use lessons to deliver.

Seeing, Hearing | Demonstration | The trainer will demonstrate a task in front of the trainees. How to Fold a NapkinHow to prepare an espresso | Aids understanding and retention Stimulates learners interest Can give learners a model to follow| Must be accurate and relevant to learnersExamples require lengthy prep timeMay be difficult for all to see| Standard Operational Procedure of Cafe Co. Coffee Preparation Methods| By Looking at the demonstration they will get an idea on how things are carried out.

Also by giving them an opportunity to practice the above demonstrations will increase the effectiveness of the training Researches suggests, by using kinesthetic learning will increase the results in learning outcomes (teaching Mineralogy, 2011) Seeing, Feeling and tasting | Training video| These videos can be specially designed for training purposes or it can be normal media which can be taken from the web| Easier to understandImages and motion pictures can be recalled easily than words and phrases | Production cost can be high for training videos| Our business and our goals. Introduction to cafe. o| It is interesting to see something than listening to someone for few hours. Easier to capture the attention of the trainees. Seeing,| Role play| Trainees act out characters assigned to them. Information regarding the situation is provided to the trainees by the trainer. | Focus on interpersonal responses The more meaningful the exercise, the higher the level of participant focus and intensity | Outcomes depend on the emotional (and subjective) reactions of the other trainees. | Handling Customer Complains| Role playing can be a very interesting way to see how a person reacts to a certain situation.

But the scenarios has to be well prepared and the trainer must always facilitate to keep the trainees from derailing away from the desired learning objectives We used this method in order to prepare the trainees or the future employees to handle difficult situations with no hesitation. Furthermore they will be well prepared to face different types of customers with different attitudes and to handle the complains well. Feeling| Games| This is to improve the decision making and sense making capabilities of the trainees. | Build a fun and enthusiastic atmosphere in the training program.

Improve the critical thinking skills of the learnersTime management and team building skillsBring out the leadership qualities of the participants. | Time consuming. Competition might arouse the conflict among the participants| Leadership Icebreaker Game| The game “Magic shoe” is used to choose a leader within the group. This will improve the team dynamics and at the same time it will build a unity among the team members. This will benefit the participants in enhancing their decision making skills and consequently improve their time management skills as well.

Word Count 904| e) Outline your evaluation strategy for the course. (250 words) Evaluation can be defined as a way of assessing or judging the value of a piece of work (Tufo, 2002). It is the systematic assessment of the worth or merit of some object (Trochim, 2006). The evaluation of this induction program is based on kirkpatrick’s 4 levels of evaluation model. Figure 2 shows the 4 levels of learning and the how it effect the participants. Figure 2 Level 1 (Reaction) – This is used to understand how the trainees or the participants felt about the program. Happy sheets’ and feedback forms will be given to the trainees soon after the induction program is over in order to identify the effectiveness of course delivering methods. For long term evaluation, customer satisfaction surveys and employee performance evaluations will be conducted every three months. Level 2 (Learning) – Learning evaluation can be identified as the measurement of the increase in knowledge before and after the program (Chapman, 2009). Observations will be conducted after the induction program on how the new employees handle the coffee machines and equipment.

Furthermore a questioner will be given to the new employees to identify the improvement regarding the product knowledge. Level 3 (Behavior) - In one month time follow up surveys will be conducted to both employees and managers in order to identify whether the employees are applying the things which they have learned during the induction program. Also customer service feedback forms will be given to the customers after one month time to find the improvement and the application of knowledge. Level 4 (Results) – Measuring the performance of the company in increase or decrease of sales.

Daily sales level followed by monthly sales level. In period of 3- months’ time measure the increase or decrease in product quality and the customer feedback. Consequently by evaluating the effect on company profit will give a broad description on how the induction program has an impact on the business in long run. Word count 311 Reference 1. Armstrong, M. (2006). Handbook of HRM practices, 10th Edition, London, Kogen Page. 2. Armstrong, M. (2009). Handbook of HRM practices, 11th Edition, London, Kogen Page 3. Chapman, A. (2009).

Kirkpatrick’s learning and training evaluation theory. Business balls. [Online]. Available at: http://www. businessballs. com/kirkpatricklearningevaluationmodel. htm . [Accessed: 12th Jan 2012] 4. Fleming,N. ,and Mills,C. ,(1992). Kinesthetic Learning. Teaching Mineralogy. [Online]. Available at:http://serc. carleton. edu/NAGTWorkshops/mineralogy/xtlsymmetry/kinesthetics. html [Accessed: 14th Jan 2012] 5. Gray,D. Cundell,S. Hay, D. O’neil, J. (2004) Learning through the Workplace 7th Edition, Cheltenhan, Nelson Thornes LTD. . Leadership games. (2012). Leadership games for groups. Leadership games. [Online]. Available at: http://leadershipgames. org/ . [Accessed: 14th Jan 2012] 7. Trochim,M. K. W. ,(2006). Introduction to Evaluation. Research methods Knowledge base. [Online]. Available at: http://www. socialresearchmethods. net/kb/intreval. php . [Accessed: 15th Jan 2012] 8. Tufo,S. (2002). What is evaluation?. Evaluation trust. [Online]. Available at: http://www. evaluationtrust. org/ . [Accessed: 15th Jan 2012] Appendix 1 Magic Shoes

Make 2 lines on the ground at least 8 feet apart and have the participants break into 2 groups, with each team having one pair of “magic shoes. ” Instruct the team to gather behind one of the lines and have them cross the lava (the ground they are crossing) with only one person at a time using the “magic shoes” to be able to walk across the lava safely. Each team will be challenged to select a leader who would plan the strategy on how to have the entire team cross without being burned (Leadership games,2012). Section D – Student reflective statement

Please complete the questions below and submit with you assessment on Friday 15th January 2012. Please note that this is worth 5% of your assessment mark and should be approximately 500 words. What have you learnt in the process of completing your assignment? Human Resource Management (HRM) can use as a powerful force to archive organizational goals. But I feel that in the Singapore Context these practices are not carried out effectively. Especially local firms, they name the department as HR department but they only do administrative work. Basic things like Recruiting and selection.

I feel that they need to focus more on things like HR Development and training in a strategic level. This will give the company an edge in the competition. All in all it gave me lot of insights on to the role of a HR manager and the importance of him or her in the top management to make decision making easier. What helped or hindered you progress? My work experience as a manager helped me in doing this assignment. Lot of the things mentioned in this module is similar to what I do at work. But the tough part is searching for relevant materials and resources and giving references was slowing down my progress.

Nevertheless by reading the course materials and the lecture slides gave me a broad understanding regarding Human resource management and also how to build the induction program effectively. But time management was a difficult task for me as I have work during week days and weekends as well. Therefore it hindered my progress and resulted in rushing through the assignment. For each section please reflect on whether you are satisfied with you submission and if not, why not? Considering the overall work, I am contended and happy because with all the time barriers I managed to finish it on time.

But because of the given word counts I had to limit my thoughts and findings which was not satisfactory. Furthermore I have doubts in my referencing method and the amount of references I used because I was unable to attend to the special class where the lecturer conducted in regarding referencing. What actions will you take as a result of what you have learnt while doing this assessment? I am working in a small company which has close to 25 employees in the whole Singapore branch which is the head office for all the other branches in Malaysia, Indonesia, India and Thailand.

Last week I was in Indonesia for one of the training sessions which they were conducting for some of their trainers (We are dealing with Schools). And I was very happy how they conducted their training. It was a well detailed and well structured. After the training they had the training program I took some feedback from the trainees and they were very good. On the other hand the training which we conduct here in Singapore is very informal sessions which don’t really follow any standard. So with the help of my knowledge I am going to change the training structure of our company and standardize for all the other countries as well.

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