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How to Write Case Analysis

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Read a case at your normal speed without stopping to take notes. Read the assignment at the end of the case (if there is an assignment), and then carefully read the entire case again, taking notes in the margins as you read. Your task is to identify problems in the case, formulate recommendations to solve these problems, and then write your analysis with the following four headings: 1. Summary of the facts presented. 2. Analysis of the problems. 3. Recommendations for solutions to the problems. 4. Implications your recommendations will have on the operation of the organization.

Follow the above format even if there are Assignment questions at the end of the case. Important: Weave the answers to the Assignment questions into your “Recommendations” section. As you write your case analysis, you must include appropriate references to the assigned reading. Your references should be in the following formats: For books and articles, (Brandenburger & Nalebuff, 1996. p. 126) and for Web articles and material, (www. charleswarner. us/articles/BUDGETS. html. September, 2004). The date in the Web reference is the month you accessed a Web site.

Do not include a bibliography or references section at the end of your case analysis unless you refer to books or articles that are not Required or Recommended Reading. Summary Begin your write-up with a concise synthesis of the facts in the case, under the heading “Summary. ” Stick to one or two sentences and do not put any discussion of problems or recommendations for solutions in this section. Analysis The most important section of your case analysis comes next, under the heading “Analysis. ” This section should be the longest, most thorough section of your write-up.

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How to Write Case Analysis

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Managers cannot solve problems unless they can first identify them. Recognizing problems and then understanding the nature of the problems is the proper beginning of all managerial action. Solutions generally fall in place relatively easily once problems are recognized and understood. There are often several viable solutions to problems in a case, but you cannot implement any of them if you cannot identify the problems. It is important that there are references to the assigned reading in the Analysis section.

Your grade will depend, to a large degree, on how many appropriate, relevant, references you include in your write-up. Recommendations Next, write your recommendations on to how to solve the problems in a section titled “Recommendations. ” Put the solutions in order of priority. It is vitally important that you include references to the assigned reading in the Recommendations section, too. If there are questions or assignments at the end of the case, weave your answers into the Recommendations section of the case.

Implications. Finally, in your “Implications” section you should elaborate what implications your recommendations will have on the operation of the organization in the short and long term and what broader policy implications your recommendations might have not only on your organization but also on the business community, if there are any. In other words, if your recommendations are implemented, what changes will the organization and the business community in general have to make in the way they do things now and in the future? Include appropriate references in this section, too.

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