How To Transition Better To The Work Routine After A Vacation

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Last Updated: 01 Jul 2021
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The only personal disadvantage I’ve found with taking a break or vacation is that it can break the momentum you may have built up over the previous weeks and months. But even this challenge is no excuse not to take a break or take regular vacations. As a result, I’m constantly looking at ways to help the transition between when I take a break, and when I throw myself back into my entrepreneurial endeavors. Here are five ways to better handle that transition from vacation mode to getting back into the hustle:

1. Build your week gradually

Typically, my first week back after a break has me at about 75% in terms of commitments, client sessions and responsibilities. While we all play catch up after taking time out, we often and so by Tuesday, we feel like we never had a vacation at all. There is nothing worse than being woken up in the middle of the night, that sudden awakened state from a middle-of-the-night phone call, or a screaming child owing to a nightmare. Going from a state of sleep and rest to being wide awake is no good for anyone. I see planning my week the same- make use of small incremental steps to gradually build back the momentum, without that feeling of your heart about to jump out of your chest.

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2. Work on some quick wins

There is nothing better at getting your engines firing than some quick wins and successes. Look at a few tasks you can do that will bring a quick win, because winning breeds the passion and positivity to start firing your engines back on all cylinders.

3. Schedule a meeting with a good friend

Having something to look forward to during the first week back from a vacation will help ease you back into your working routine. Similar to building your week gradually, remember to be kind to yourself, be strategic, and do the things that will promote positivity. When we are at our most positive, we are at our most creative.

4. Establish a routine

I am a man of routine in the mornings; otherwise, I love fluidity and being spontaneous. The benefit of a morning routine is that it protects you from making excuses and allowing your feelings to dictate your choices. After a vacation, we often don’t feel like doing much of anything (unless you’re doing what you love, which I hope you really are). Most people I know really struggle after a vacation. The one thing that has always helped me is following a routine. I may not feel like it, but after a few days, I start to see the clarity and benefits it brings, and before long, those holiday blues are washed away.

5. Book your next vacation

There’s nothing better than booking your next vacation. It tells your brain and your family that while you now enter into another stage of hustling, you will be breaking again shortly to refuel. We don’t take vacations for the sake of it. Vacationing and travelling actually make you more successful by protecting your key relationships, promoting your own health, and giving you the clarity you need to come from a place of rest and relaxation. Remember,

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