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How to Survive the 1st Week of College

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How can you survive the first week of college Do you ever find yourself anxious, nervous, and afraid of the first week of college? Well, you shouldn’t be. College is the best time you will have during your life time and shouldn’t be wasted especially the first week which is the most energetic time. To survive the first week of you college, all you need to do is have proper hygiene, quickly accommodate yourself with new friends, including peers and teachers, and lastly you should adapt yourself to your new environment. Do you like people that come to school with morning breathe, sweat, and look as if they’ve been up for five days straight?

A clean person is a healthy person. Without good hygiene you will have a bad first impression. It is important for a student to take care of themselves by properly taking a refreshing bath, so that all the sweat accumulated over night can be washed away and you could feel refreshed and rejuvenated. It is also a good practice to come to college with your teeth brushed and your breath smelling fresh and new just like your body after a shower. This will let your peers know that you are properly cleansed and are ready to presume with the educational process.

They will also like to be around you for your fresh and new smell. You should not only have proper hygiene but you should also accommodate yourself with new and reliable friends. You should not only make friends with your peers but also with teachers. This will help you to socialize and widen the amount of friends you currently have. Moreover, they will get you out of harsh and intense situations such as a quarrel or argument. Befriending teachers is very useful because they could help you to understand the work better and give you easy learning methods.

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College provides stress daily; therefore, could bring down your mental focus and also bring down your grades which will then affect your GPA. However, with good companions this will not happen because they will brighten up your day and take away your stress. Your new friends, including peers and teachers will then be your new family during college hours. You guys will be looking out and taking care for one another. Basically, you should always make new friends during your first week of college because in the longer run you will need their help for support and encouragement.

Secondly, not only should you have and show good hygiene and make new friends but you should also adapt with your new surroundings. You should learn and adapt to your surroundings as soon as possible so that you can become familiar and comfortable in your new environment. This will help you to easily maneuver your way through the structure of your college. Furthermore, knowing your surroundings is essential so you can prevent getting going astray and having to ask directions. Knowing your surrounding is a good way not to get into trouble, you do not want to find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time.

In short, the first week of college can be easily survived by have proper hygiene, finding and accommodate yourself with new friends, and lastly adapting yourself with your new environment. You do not want to show a bad first impression, you do need the help of new friends which include classmates and teachers, and you surely have to learn and intertwined yourself with your new surroundings so that it becomes a part of you. These steps will greatly impact your first week in college and make it more comfortable for you to overcome your anxious, nervous and scared feeling.

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