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How to Survive Kpop Concerts

Nowadays Korean artists are big hit in the Philippines.Kpop fandom range from kids to adults and as a fan I won’t definitely miss my chance to watching their concert.I would like to share my thoughts and experience on surviving such event.

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To prepare for a concert usually take months, from saving your allowance to practicing fan chants. The best time to buy ticket(s) for a concert is around one to three months before the concert because some fan clubs or organizations offer discounts on early buyers. You did not only save money but also served you a front seat, such luck.

Weeks before concert you should prepare on what will you wear and what will you do. When attending a jam packed event you should wear something fashionable and comfortable or what they call “Fan-worthy” look. It is also more okay to wear logo shirts for them to recognize your fandom for example if you’re a fan of Exo wear your exo shirt and etc. On open grounds concert it is preferable to wear something high for your advantage to see the stage (funny but true), I experienced it one time when my friends and I watched concert and realizing that it was like all people are taller than we do (funny right).

The day before the concert it is best to sleep early to save energy for the following day because you will definitely going to use it all, also drinking many fluids as possible is also advisable to prepare yourself and to prevent dehydration from lining up for hours before the concert. On the day of the much awaited concert it is best to line up early, bring some snacks, water, and your light sticks for the event.

Also bring umbrella or raincoat if it is an open grounds concert and don’t forget sunblock (you don’t want to look like overcooked burger patties right? ). Some event rules forbid bringing of sharp objects, lasers, DSLR cameras etc. Your brought snacks should be eaten before entering the arena or grounds (they sell hotdogs, MCDO, or fastfoods inside). Its better prepared for the event to prevent ourselves from hassles ang enjoy the event without any worries. I recommend for concert goers to plan everything for an unforgettable memories.

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