How to hook up to a fire hydrant and pull hose

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So when you get toned out to a fire you are going to be told what to do on the way. You need to have full PEP (personal protective equipment). So if you're told to hook up to the hydrant you need to know your Steps. First grab the hydrant bag and throw it to the hydrant you will hop up on the steps and find the rope wrapped around your 5 inch and pull it off then wrap it and hook it up. So to go into more detail about pulling your hose. You are going to make sure when you find this rope and pull it, make sure that coupling doesn't hit you in the head. You should have your helmet on anyway.

There should be a 20 foot section n this roped section. When you pull it off wrap that section all the way around the hydrant. If you don't wrap it all the way the engine will pull off and t will take you will it. Once you see its unfolding out of the hose bed you can go ahead and check you duce and a half connections to see if they are tight. If they aren't and you open it up it can blow off and take out a knee. When you are working a hydrant ALWAYS stay behind it! If you stand in front or on the sides of a hydrant you will lose you private area or your knee caps.

If the two and a half cap hits you in the knee you probably won't be a firefighter ever again. So after you wrap your hydrant and tell them to go you will start on opening First you are going to want to make sure your two, two and a half caps are it. Tight using your hydrant wrench. Then take you're the big cap off. After you do that you want to open your hydrant just enough to where it flows water. You're going to do this to make sure it's clear of trash so do it till the water turns clear then cut it off. After you cut it off go in your hydrant bag get your storks coupling.

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Put that on the threads of the big discharge. After you do this unwrap your 5 inch there is a 20 Ft. Section wrapped in a rope. Take your rope off then stretch your hose out so its got a slight bend. You aren't going to want any hard turns in the hose because the more it bends and the more it kinks the less pressure you have going to the pumped. Now after you hook your storks couplings up you're going to wait to open your hydrant till your driver tells you to. After he tells you to open your hydrant SLOW! If you open it to fast you will be fighting to get kinks out of a big hose.

Now when you're pulling kinks out don't ever pull in the kinks it will pinch you BAD. Did that once anti ever done it again. Now when you open up your hydrant. Open it all the way then turn it back a quarter turn. If you have any leaks at your connection there's a rubber mallet and pner wrenches in your hydrant bag. Now if its hydrant to coupling you will us the mallet. If it's in the storks take 2 pner wrenches get both your locks when you put them on the coupling and turn opposite directions. But make sure it is the right way. Remember rightly tightly lefty loose! Now always remember fire hydrants are Dangerous.

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