How to be Become Best Sales Man

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The American Dream. This is what most every American wants. To have wealth and prosperity. In the book Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller, Willy Loman in pursuing this dream through all means. Willy Loman, a man in his 500s has worked hard all his life to bring what every parent wants for their family, everything. In Death of a Salesman Willy Loman has to go through hard times to try to bring this to his family. At the beginning of this drama Mr. Loman is just getting home from his job as a salesman. Where he drives a total of 500 miles a week to sell pointless items to pointless towns (Miller, 16). Mr. Lomanis kids love their father very much and only want the best for him.

Happy, which in known as Hap is a man in his early 30s who goes through business troubles himself and moves back in with his father and mother. Biff is younger than Happy and is an energetic man who wants to pursue his father's footsteps. Willy is very happy when his two boys move back in and hurries to make the best out of every day.

Willy is not a type of individual who takes laziness, all his life he has got nothing or no where without working for it. This is the way he teaches his boys. Willy teaches his boys the best moral and standards he can. Although Willy helps everyone get through tough times, he himself starts to lose a little of his mind. Williells wife Linda knows that Willy in having hard times but does not say anything she just tries to cope with it and help (Miller, 154). Willy out as much as she can.

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Seeing Willy loses his mind hurts Linda very much. Willy cannot distinguish between reality and illusion. This is the major conflict in the book. For everyone in affected by it. Willy believes that he and his sons have what it takes to become successful businessmen but he is mistaken. Willy believes that to be well liked you must be successful. This is Willie's downfall through the book. Willy will sometimes be caught talking to his brother who is in the forest looking for diamonds (Miller, 78).

He will tell Willy to come with him so they can be rich together, but Willy always tells him that a salesman is the job to get rich at. Willy will also be caught having conversations that occurred 6-7 years ago. Mostly with Biff and Happy he talks to them about school or how they re going to be great men when they grow up and how everyone will like them. When Willy goes to get a job without driving his boss tells him hells fired and when another job comes around he call Willy. Willy does not take this well since he helped him get his job in the first place.

That night Willy has to meet with his sons at a bar to talk about Biff getting money to build a store called Loman & Sons when Biff tells Willy that he didnot get the money Willy has no hope for anything anymore. Willy was too wrapped up in getting ahead of the next guy that he never stopped to see what was happening around him, that his world was falling apart.

When Willy gets all this bad news hells loses his mind totally and start talking to his brother Ben and telling him that he's tired of being a salesman. Willy then goes home and starts planting a garden (Miller, 97). He has always wanted a garden but the grass doesn't grow in the backyard. At the end of the play this is one of his last futile attempt to plant seeds in the backyard. This is kind of symbolic of Willy as if hells doing this so people will remember him (Miller, Net). At the end on the novel Willy commits suicide for the reason of nowhere else to turn (Miller, 109).

The American Dream, to Willy this was the only purpose in life. To be better then the next guy and provide for your family. Even though Willy did not gain the dream as Biff would say he is still Da dime a dozen. Willy never achieved success in life, but for his family that knew him he was the best salesman and father around.

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