How Dreams Lead to Success

Last Updated: 31 May 2023
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EveryoOne who lives in the 21* century will have success if they believe in their dreams. The people who are brilliant in their subject, for example. Business, human rights or a simple thing like graduating high school, have a dream, whether their dream is something for the betterment him or herself or the entire world. Everyone's dreams could result in success, if people have the courage to believe in their abilities. If people work hard to believe to follow their ambition, and if we as a community will help our neighbours accomplish their dreams, all people can achieve success.

The dreams of Canadians and the entire world can result in success, if one believes in them self. Dr. Martin Luther King, a Baptist Minister from Montgomery, Alabama did not stop to pursue his dream because of racist white people. He continued to protest for human rights for all individuals, specifically black Americans in the southern United States. The hatred and bigotry that Dr. King and members of his movement received; was not a deterrent to continuing to dream a great dream, a world that would be free of hate and injustice, based on the colour of someone's skin.

After his death, his victory arrived with the abolition of the racist Jim Crow laws - which was the cause of segregation in the United States. The dream of Martin Luther King Jr. brought forward the principle of all people are equal and the abolition of racist Jim Crow laws was the foundation of equal rights for all people. As a result of his efforts, he is truly a man who exemplifies success because he knew that his movement would help many people in the betterment of the world.

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Everyone's dreams can result in success, when one continues to pursue their dream, despite the scepticism of others. When one continues to work hard, he or she can accomplish all their dreams. Albert Einstein, a great scientist, was regarded as, "sub-normal" by his parents and his teachers described Einstein as, "Mentally slow, unsociable and forever adrift in foolish dream"(Muzik). It is my presumption that the, "foolish dream" is what made him renowned as one of the best scientists our world has seen. As exhibited, Albert Einstein was extremely lucky he had a strong moral compass, to look beyond the bullying of his teachers and parents and accomplish what he knew to be possible. Thus, through Albert Einstein's pursuit of a dream, through immense scepticism, he was able to be successful, because he worked hard and kept working hard to prove to his parents and teachers that he would be successful.

As a community, our ability to support all persons in achieving their dreams will result in a successful world. The Tuohy Family, a rich and affluent family, helped a homeless adolescent, living on the streets in Shelby, Tennessee in the United States. The Tuohy Family, as depicted in John Lee Hancock's movie, The Blind Side, saw Michael Oher on the side of the road, walking to the school gym to find shelter for the night, Leah Anne Tuohy, had her husband stop the car to collect Michael and invited him to stay the night with the Tuohy's. After being enrolled into Briarcrest Christian School, the Tuohy's realized that he needed a tutor.

After his marks improved, with a tutor's help, he became a member of the school Football team. He was such a good football player, his dream was realized, with him being accepted to the University of Mississippi and further on in his career a position on the Baltimore Ravens, in the National Football League. The Tuohy family significantly shaped Michael's life, because they instilled in him a work effort to foremost, set a dream and then gave him the tools to execute his dream to his highest potential. Michael was successful in accomplishing his dream of playing college football and making it to the National Football league. The Tuohy's giving Michael the work habits to do his best, lead to his success as a professional football player.

Someone's dream leads to success when one believes in their ability, when one moves forward in accomplishing their dream, although encountering scepticism and the assistance of another when needed. The powerful thing about dreaming is that nothing stops you from being what you know you can be.

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