What Seem to Be the Most Important Thing Lead to Success of Apple

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What seem to be the most important things leading to the success of this company? Apple did not come by its present success easily. Before the ipad, iphone and ipod became profitable icons of high-tech fashion, Steve Jobs do suffered a long series of failures. For many years, there were serious doubts if Apple could survive the battles it was losing to competitors like Microsoft. In contrast, Apple is now expected to sell 30million ipads in 2011, two-thirds of all tablet computers sold globally. Question is, how did a struggling company become so successful?

What seem to be the most important things that lead to the success of this company? If you take a look at the Apple’s strategies, it’s actually pretty simple and straight forward. First of all, Apple lets the others fail first, so that it can learn from the mistake. Although to be the first mover is great, but it can after be an impairment. It’s sort of like buying a new model of car the first year it’s available but you will probably have to deal with the unforeseen problems although you might think that it will be nicer if you can have it first.

Apple using this strategy to learn an experience from the failure while not wasting any times and money. Second, Steve Jobs also recognize his own team for the successful of the product. You may take a look at any major product announcement. At the end of the announcement, Steve Jobs always thanks the team leader and usually asked those who worked on the product to stand up. This may increase the employee’s loyalty to the company, and make them proud of themselves and they will be mre hardworking in helping their company to become success.

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Third, Apple company focus on the few to sell to many which means that instead of trying to satisfy every fringe taste or market niche, Apple decided to focuses on just a few products in each category. With time and money, Apple strives to make each item in its relatively small stable as perfect as possible. In which help to differentiate the products and build the customer loyalty, and also help Apple to develop a better products compare to other products that trying to satisfy every fringe taste. In contrast, Apple’s success is driven less by the company’s products and more by the company’s marketing and business strategies.

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