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Essays on Midwife

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Midwives’ Expanding Role in Providing Holistic Care and Conducting Newborn Examinations in Community Clinics

The government initiatives to reduce junior doctors’ hours within the NHS Plan (DH 2000) have increased the call for midwives to expand their traditional role and take on some of the tasks that in the past have mainly been carried out by junior doctors (Kings …

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Normal Birth

Abstract Aim To explore the definitions of normal birth held by women who have not given birth, what influences that perspective, and compare it with those of health professionals. Background Available evidence provides conflicting definitions of normal childbirth. The majority of available evidence encapsulates the …

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The role of a MIDWIFE Essay

Supplying an effectual attention and support to the patient and for their babes during labour The Midwifes besides play a function during the postpartum period ( clip after birth ) . Such as ; Midwifes diagnose. proctor and examine adult females during gestation. Provide full …

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The Business of Being Born

The Business of being born is an informative film that highlights us how hospitals turned into businesses and who actually benefits from the medicalization and the money that is made. We could see women giving birth naturally at home and others in hospitals and what …

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Responsibilities of Health and Social Care Workers

P7- Describe the roles, responsibilities and career pathways of 3 health or social car workers. Social worker: Social workers form relationships with people and assist them to live more successfully within their local communities by helping them find solutions to their problems. Social work involves …

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Scope of nursing

Expanding your Scope of Nursing Practice – a practical guide Leanne Boase Deborah Pedron The Northern Hospital Panch Health Service Craigieburn Health Service Broadmeadows Health Service Bundoora Extended Care Centre Scope of Nursing and Midwifery Practice What is it? Why is it so important? Why …

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Smoking in pregnancy

Introduction The purpose of this essay is to identify a public health issue with a woman I cared for in practice. Using a health promotion model to critically analyse the woman’s needs and outline the midwifery care given to address the issue. Discussing health promotion, …

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Reflective Practice

In this essay, I will reflect upon my practice placements and discuss my development in relation to professional/ethical practice, care delivery, care management and personal/professional development. These are the four domains related to the learning outcomes required by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC, 2004)) …

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Medicalization of Childbirth

1. BACKGROUND In the 1700s, Barber-surgeons, predecessors of the obstetricians belonged to a low social standing, similar to that of carpenters and shoemakers, members of the arts and trade guild. In an attempt to create social mobility and improve social status, barber-surgeons saw the opportunity …

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Childbirth and Midwife

In many parts of the world today there are still many women who use a midwife verses using an Obstetrician Gynecologist. However in the United States fewer than three percent of women who give birth are attended to by midwives (Kram and Eckstein,1990). It is …

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Midwifery Today

Midwifery models of care monitor the physical, psychological, and social aspects of women throughout the childbearing years. Technological advances reflect differing opinions of physicians where intervening measures take choices out of women’s hands during birth, often neglecting needs turning a natural process into a medical …

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Human Resourse Management in Pakistan

Human Resourse Management in Pakistan Introduction Human resources are the heart of the health system and health care managers have a critical role in determination of performance of the system [1]. Our savings and investment level can be raised only when we are in a …

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Medicine in Colonial America

Medicine in Colonial America was much different from today, but gave us a lot of insight in the human body’s needs. Due to lack of education, experience, proper tools, and hygiene, many patients died. However, there were also many people who were saved through the …

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Infant Mortality: a Case Study

Theresa Curtis Intro to Global Health Case Study: Infant Mortality Each year approximately 10 million babies do not breathe immediately at birth, of which about 6 million require basic neonatal resuscitation. The major burden is in low-income settings, where health system capacity to provide neonatal …

Case StudyChildbirthInfantMidwifeNursing
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Caring Component of Nursing

The caring component of nursing encompasses much more than a combination of scientific and the technical. It encompasses the mandates a balance of “the head, the heart, and the hands” or “the science, the skill, and the spirit.” Nursing has its roots in the humanities, …

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Mid Witchery

A wise woman was asked to present the baby to the world and predict its fortune. A wise women, or witch was the priestess who instructed women in blood, birth, and the magic of it all. The French word for midwife means “wise woman”. According …

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Healthcare Museum

Sandra Huppenbauer Healthcare has been and will always be a growing industry from new vaccines to new diseases. We would like to create a non-profit organization and open a Health Care Hall of Fame Museum. In this museum we will have various exhibits that have …

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Nursing and Diploma Program

A registered nurse is a licensed professional with a four-year nursing degree. Able to provide all levels of nursing care including the administration of medication. The job description of a registered nurse is to work to promote good health and prevent illness. They educate patients …

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A midwife is a health professional who cares for mothers and newborns around childbirth, a specialization known as midwifery.

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Frequently asked questions

Why do I want to be a midwife?
There are many reasons why someone might want to be a midwife. For some, it may be a calling to help others in a very intimate and special way. For others, it may be a desire to work in women's health or to be a part of a team that helps bring new life into the world. Some midwives may also be drawn to the autonomy and independence that comes with the job.Whatever the reason, being a midwife can be a very rewarding and fulfilling career. It is a unique opportunity to be a part of something very special and to make a real difference in the lives of others.
What is the importance of a midwife?
A midwife is an important figure in the medical field who specializes in caring for pregnant women and delivering babies. Midwives are highly trained medical professionals who provide comprehensive care for both mother and child during pregnancy, labor, and delivery. In addition to providing medical care, midwives also offer emotional support and guidance to families during one of the most joyous, but also potentially stressful, times in their lives.The midwifery model of care is based on the belief that pregnancy and childbirth are natural, normal life events that do not require routine medical intervention. Midwives work to ensure that each woman and her family have the information and support they need to make informed choices about their care. Midwives also provide continuity of care, which means that they get to know their patients well and develop a trusting relationship over the course of the pregnancy. This continuity of care can help to reduce anxiety and stress for both mother and child, and can promote better health outcomes overall.
How would you describe being a midwife?
Midwives are health professionals who provide care for pregnant women, during labour and childbirth, and in the postnatal period. They work in a variety of settings, including hospitals, clinics, and community health centres. Midwives work in partnership with women to provide care that is tailored to their individual needs.Midwives are experts in normal pregnancy and birth, and are trained to recognise and manage deviations from the norm. They are also trained to provide care in emergencies, such as when a woman goes into labour before her 37th week of pregnancy (preterm labour) or when the baby is in a breech position (bottom first).In addition to providing care during pregnancy and childbirth, midwives also offer support and advice to women on a wide range of topics, including nutrition, exercise, and mental health. They also provide guidance on breastfeeding, and can offer support to women who are experiencing difficulties with this.
Why did you choose midwifery as your course essay?
I chose midwifery as my course because it is a very rewarding profession. As a midwife, you get to help bring new life into the world and care for mothers and their babies during a very special time. It is a demanding job but it is also very rewarding and I feel privileged to be able to help women and families during this special time.

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