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This report is based on environmental competitive advantage for the peninsula Bangkok and is aimed at assisting the company adapted a marketing strategies for online customers. The report would help users to get an in- depth understanding of the hotels operating environment and the country situation for the future growth. Its intended users are the management of the company and employees. THE REPORT The peninsula Bangkok is restaurant operating in Bangkok in the hospitality industry. They have increased their clientele base by aggressive marketing strategies.

They offer a variety of services including accommodation, conference facilities and many others. The main objectives of the company to provide and ensure - (i) Quality foods to our customers. (ii) To capture a bigger market in the area and (iii) a commitment for a broad spectrum of services and foods to our customers. The restaurant’s Mission statement is to deliver competitively priced, food and services to their clientele and always the client is paramount and the focus of restaurant activities.

The hotel has marketing strategy is to hire well-respected advertising consultants to assist them in marketing their services to the customers, in order for us to achieve these objectives. The firm has allocated some funds for marketing activities and for the consultant. The restaurant has many competitors which include: - (i) royal plaza hotel on Scotts Singapore. (ii) Inter continental Singapore. ( iii) The ritz-calton, millennia Singapore. (iv) Pan-pacific Singapore (v) Singapore Shangri-la hotel (vi) Grand Copt Horne waterfront hotel Singapore (vii) Bangkok Marriott resort & spa.

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Grand millennium sukhumvit hotel Bangkok. (ix) Four seasons hotel in Bangkok and (x) banyan tree Bangkok. The best performing restaurant is Bangkok Marriott resort & spa, which is based in the country as my client. The company is doing very well as they taken advantages in the increasing of tourist because of the planned Olympics. This restaurant has managed to set up a website and have teamed up with online advertising companies to advertise their services in readiness for the Olympics.

Therefore, their main target market consists of educated and creative men and women, of china, visiting businesspersons and executives without forgetting home country businesspersons. The main concern of the target group is with a conscience regarding environmental responsibility, a high regard for their personal health, and a love of the outdoors. Most of the target group for this hotel lives in suburban bands around the nation’s cities, in apartments and condominiums, and are typically employed in white-collar settings. A secondary target market exists among tourist who is visiting because of the Olympic.

Singapore Shangri-la hotel is not able to take advantage fully of the entrepreneurship that exists in their country. Malaysia is known for her industrious population this helps in generating income and increasing wealth. Where wealth has been created, then we expect spending to be proportionate. From the discussion above Bangkok Marriott resort & spa is better placed to give a challenge to my client and better placed than Singapore Shangri-la hotel of Malaysia. This because Bangkok Marriott resort & spa coupled with the resources and the event to take place in mid this year.

These hotels, Bangkok Marriott, Spa, and Singapore Shangri-la hotel of Malaysia have websites, which are used by visitors to book accommodation services. With increase of home broadband, many travelers will book directly from the comfort of their houses. They have also strategically placed themselves in a position with the airlines and traveling agents to bring in customers who have not yet booked places. The government assists in abroad marketing of tourist attraction areas. Bangkok Marriott who are situated in Bangkok China have advantage over Shangri-la Malaysia because of the expected Olympic to be held in China.

However, they are also using channels of online distribution well through assisting them in booking hotel facilities. They have used airlines, government agencies and Asia rooms. com in marketing their services and booking their facilities. They are members of an online distributor. This gives them an advantage over Shangri-la of Malaysia. The client hotel is also of a member of an online distribution even though Shangri-la Malaysia has also an advantage since the government of Malaysia is assisting their homemade companies succeed.

The use of online distribution channels ha made the hotel have more clients from outside the country who book in advance thus increasing profitability. Activities of the hotel The activities of this hotel are contributing to plan equity for the hotels because the client hotel, which has online distribution, has enabled them to increase profitability, which is inconsistent with the objectives of the entrepreneur of the hotel. This is because online distribution acts in new cash inflows rating to high profitability.

Bangkok Marriott resort and Spa who have entered with a strategic alliances with airlines for purposes of getting incoming clients from abroad, associating themselves with Asia room. com for purposes of getting bookings from outside the world to China. This has helped them to have a need of unique services as compared to their fellow other hotels. This kind of activities and association assists in marketing the company far away from the normal known market of the Chinese market. It goes without saying brand and corporate objectives will be enhanced by these activities.

Shangri-la of Malaysia is using government agencies to market their services to the outside world unlike their counterparts in the Chinese market who have not embraced the broadband in marketing their services. From impeccable sources, the company is engaging Asia rooms. com an online distributor in marketing their services. This also shows how serious they are and willingness to deliver goods and services to the nature world. Brand equity of an organisation is brought about by the company’s activities, which are positive to the society apart from profitability.

Unlike ethics, brand name or equity is brought by the good services offered by the hotel. In this case, in hand, the client hotel has created him a good name by engaging themselves in activities such as the marketing of tourist attraction centers in China being involved in the preparation of the Olympics that will be held in China and a creation of animal zoo for attracting tourists. This kind of an activity cannot be matched with Bangkok Marriott Spa and Shangri-la of Malaysia.


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